Irene Elise Brabant, AoA, HA, CW


Also known as Irene Elise Brabant of Swabia


Charissa Irene Ebersole


Apprentice to Miestra Carlsdottir af Broberg, OP, GOA, ODH, OW, APF





This being a synopsis of Ireneís life and activities in the

Society for Creative Anachronism & related historical recreation



Annos Societatis. XXXVIII









Society for Creative Anachronism Resume


Irene Elise Brabant

3217 Kenwood Blvd. Toledo, Ohio 43606






Dynamic, interpretive ensemble and virtuoso soloist with 20+ years of professional achievement. Artistic musicianship in transverse flute, recorders, double-reeds, and percussion. Accomplished vocalist. Capable and adaptable ensemble performer. Facile in sight-reading monophonic, heterophonic, and polyphonic music notation and improvisation. Lively and entertaining performer.

Selected achievements:

A.S. 17 through A.S. 23, founded and directed the Barony of Calafiaís (Caid) Musiciansí Guild,.

Incorporated and welcomed all levels of musicians -- beginners, intermediates, and advanced. Presided at and taught at weekly Califian Music Guild Meetings.

A.S. 17 through A.S. 23, provided live music for the Barony of Califiaís weekly public demo/dance practice, held outside the Old Globe Theater, Balboa Park, San Diego, California,

Integral and flexible musician in several professional early music ensembles, including the Gamboldyngers (1982 to 1984) and the Jubilatores (1984 to present).

Featured musician in 7 professional compact disk recordings and 1 cassette tape.

Star performer in multiple professional performances and private concerts. Patrons of note include: The San Diego Early Music Society, The San Diego Opera Guild, The Athenaum Library (La Jolla, California), San Diego State University, KPBS Public Radio, Ambassador Larry Lawrence, the Croc Family, the Toledo Museum of Art, Trinity Church (Toledo, Ohio), Trinity Episcopal Church (Huntington, West Virginia).

Pioneered aural-tradition and heterophonic performances in the early music community.

Provided effective and therapeutic music performances at Childrenís Hospital & Health Center, San Diego, California (1988 to 1996).

Highlighted performer with the Gamboldyngers and Jubilatores at Christmas on the Prado, the City of San Diegoís annual holiday festival, 1982 to 1996.

Headlined musical performances, with the Gamboldyngers and Jubilatores at the San Diego Renaissance Festival, Agora (Southern California) Renaissance Festival, and the San Marcos Renaissance Festival, 1982 to 1996.

Featured on-going free public concerts at the Toledo Museum of Artís "Itís Friday" series.

A.S. 17 to present, entertained with live music at SCA feasts, coronations, demonstrations, and other events in both Caid and Middle Kingdom.

A.S. 32 to A.S. 38, performed formal and in-formal concerts with the Jubilatores at Pennsic 26 to 32.



Meticulous seamstress. Produced multiple costumes middle ages and renaissance. Researched, drafted and fitted original patterns for children and adults. Adapted period-clothing for functional use in real- life conditions.


Selected achievements:

Independently researched, designed, and produced several womenís and girlsí Tudor clothing ensembles. These included undergarments, hats, and other accessories.

Conceived and constructed multiple Elizabethan costumes for women and children, including undergarments.

Produced Afghani, Macedonian, and arabic-style folk costumes.

Researched, designed and hand sewed blackwork coif.



Focused, dedicated and hard-working administrator. Creative promoter and skilled negotiator. Organized and skilled co-ordinator.


Selected achievements:

Researched, designed, and executed concert programs.

Co-ordinated travel of performance tours for early music ensembles.

Negotiated performance contracts and payments.

Co-autocrated the first non-fighting Kingdom A&S Festival/Tournament in Caid.

Co-ordinated scheduling of rehearsals and performances for two early music groups .





Prolific, dynamic, and capable educator teacher in both SCA and non-SCA settings. Tailors classes and demonstrations to studentsí age, learn-style, and venue. Vibrant and flexible educator. Featured teacher for children, learni ng-disabled, academics, the general public, and the elderly. Teaching demonstrations at public and private schools, universities, and museums.

Selected achievements:

Teacher and presenter for the San Early Music Societyís Early Music Retreat, 1986 and 1987.

A.S. 18, 19, and 20, taught classes in both medieval music performance and costuming, Collegium Caidis.

A.S. 32 to A.S. 38, taught Medieval Music Performance (three-session class which included a public performance for students with the last class session); provided masterclasses in flute/recorder performance, and classes in Hispano-arabic Song.



Independent scholar and researcher in medieval studies. Investigated, analyzed, and expanded insight into musical performance.

Selected achievements:

Characterized & documented Hispano-arabic poetry musical performance.

Authenticated aural-tradition performance practices.

Presented for three years at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.




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