Lady Irene's Cotehardie Project


A Cotehardie is a 13th -- 15th Century garment

For this project I selected:

 100% virgin lamb's wool

100% silk thread

lining is 100% cotton

hand-stitched construction including

eyelets and button holes

                     Anonymous  c. 1380                                       Bibliotheque Nat. in Paris

St. Ursula and Companions, Anonymous  c. 1380 Bibliotheque Nat. in Paris


Ashitaka uses his built in tailoring equipment (his needles).

Ashataka studying my Medieval Tailor's Assistant.


Leopold cutting the chemise.

Hand-stitching the neckline.

Ashitaka examining my herringbone hand stitching on the cotehardie.  He is a tough critic.


The Dress in progress.

Hand-Stitching the arm-holes.

Using a scrap of the wool with interfacing and lining I make some practice eyelets. 

These eyelets will go in the front of the dress to lace up the opening.

These buttons are medieval reproductions.

I probably will use the silver but am still undecided.


Music and Her Attendants. 

14th Century Italian miniature

Biblioteca Nazionale, Naples: MS V A 14



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