Wolfgang Eber von Lüchtringen

Wolfgang Eber von Lüchtringen

Awards: Kingdom Level

Middle Kingdom

Award of the Dragon's Treasure


Age 9 years

Authorized Youth Figher 10 - 13 year old

Middle Kingdom Youth Figher

 Member or the SCA since 1994 (at birth)

King Pieter is marshaling at Crown Tourney while I fight.  I am the Figher with my back to you.

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Wolfgang's  13th century history follows below. This brief history explains how Wolfgang fits into his medieval world and why he has the skills he has.

Wolfgang Eber von Lüchtringen son of Leopold Eber von Lüchtringen and Irene Elese Brabant 

Born March 5th 1294. 
Wolfgang entered into combat training with sword and shield at the age of 5 years.  He has studied ceramics, 

paper making, fyddle, protative organ and chess.  He wants to become a Knight and works hard toward his goal.


To Leopold

To Irene

To Jimena

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