Jubilatores -- Medieval Music
Shoshannah Ebersole
Shoshannah is a cello performance and music compostition major at Central Michigan University(CMU). A member of the Midland Symphony, Shoshannah studied cello with Thomas Stauffer and ensemble performance with Michael and Irina Tseitlin.

With her parents, she founded the Jubilatores in San Diego California 1984. (She was four years old, but she was there and learning an instrument).

With the Jubilatores, Shoshannah performes on fyddle, rebec, rebob, voice, gems horn, dumbec & other instruments.

Shoshannah is a member of the international music fraternity, Delta Omicron. Her compostitions won First and Second Place in the Young Composers' Competition for California Music Teachers' Association

A homeschool graduate, Shoshannah earned a Presidents Award and a Music Scholarship to Central Michigan University, where she is working on a double major in music performance and music composition. She is a cellist in the Midland Symphony.
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