Medieval Music Performance -- Jubilatores
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Madre de deus
Cantiga de Santa Maria

Medieval Celebrations Concert

Hear songs of celebration from the middle ages. Music from the shepardic, moorish and other traditions will take listeners to medieval Iberia.
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Fridays -- at 7:00 p.m.

12/19/03 -- 4/9/03 -- 9/10/04 -- 12/10/04


Toledo Museum of Art
2445 Monroe Steet
at Scottwood Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43620
Telephone: 1-800-644-6862
This year Barry Ebersole constructed two portative organs. The first organ is pictured at right. A bellows, behind the organ, is worked with one hand to provide wind The keyboard is worked with the musician's other hand.. This organ is from g to g, above middle C. Additional photos of this organ are on Shoshannah's page, under "About Us."

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October 17 

Trinity Church, Toledo Ohio

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Portative Organ
Flute Entrada

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