Lady Irene Elise brabant

Lady Irene's Resume

Lady Irene Elise Brabant
Awards: Kingdom Level

Kingdom of Caid
Award of Arms -- 1984

Order of the Harp Argent -- 1984 (Medieval Music Performance  -- Needle Craft & Costuming 16th century & Medieval costuming {Men & Ladies garments})
The Middle Kingdom
Order of the Willow -- 2003 (Medieval Music Performance)

Offices or services in the Middle Kingdom
Middle Kingdom Youth Martial since 2000
Taught at A&S, RUM, and every Pennsic since 1998
 Member or the SCA since 1979


Documentation from my performance at Kingdom A&S May 2003, in Wood Wind Medieval Music performance.  I received a first place --  Documentation in PDF format (5 megs)

Documentation for Medieval Hispano-Arabic Songs

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Irene's  13th century history follows below. This brief history explains how Irene fits into her medieval world and why she has the skills she has.
Irene Elese Brabant

Born January 11th 1255. 
At age 17 her parents presented her in fulfillment of a contract to the Eber von Lüchtringen family where she met 21 year old Leopold for the first time.  Leopold played Oud for her and she brought out flutes and recorders she had brought with her. The two made music together and were delighted with each other which was just as well since they were married within two days on Feburary 5th 1272.


To Leopold

To Wolfgang

To Jimena

My Cotehardie in progress

Irene is apprenticed to Meistara Thorhalla Carlsdottir af Broberg

        House Roaring Valknuts


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