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Information about the Elder Galandar world or Annakolia

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, 2005 11:20 pm    Post subject: Information about the Elder Galandar world or Annakolia Reply with quote

By request of the DMs I am placing this – ahhh -- discussion – for all to read. I am also adding a few thoughts that seemed right to me to add.

I know the Drow have Assassins and the Drow have such guilds in their cities. As for elves above ground, they are of Tolkien variety and as such have two basic types -- Wood Elves and High Elves. The Drow come from E. Gary Gygax, not Faerun and were incooporated into Annaknolia and the Elder Galander World very early on with the giant module trilogy, followed by the into the depths of the earth trilogy, and then the demon web or Loth. Since this was one of the earliest campaign played in our world, much of the political, and greater continual struggle are based on those concepts.

There would NOT be elven assassin guilds in the upper world of the elves. Those guilds are exclusive to the dark elves. That does not mean that a wood elf or high elf could not learn the skills, only that there are not guilds in the upper cities.

To better understand the world of Galandar and the Annakolia areas, think Tolkien for Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and many other critters. Add in early D&D creations such as Drow, Loth, and mix in Cthulhu from Lovecraft. Now think of some other major fiction such a F. Lieber’s Fafford and Grey Mouser, Asprin’s Thieves World, Zelazny’s Amber series, add in Greek, Finish, and a few other assorted mythologies, and mix well.

Please note – not one resource or reference to Faerun – either in book form or in D&D reference is used – NOT ONE!

Never quote Faerun references as a source on how things are – we predate the creation of Faerun and have never even read the books or materials. We did not have any D&D materials past AD&D 1.0 first editions until we started playing NWN. We now have a set of version 3.5 books. A lot of our decisions and world functionality still come from version 1.0. I do not like the loss of much of the Demonology section of the monster manual and other “cleaning” of the system.

It is my hope and dream, to bring to people in Annakolia, the Elder Galandar world, our original experience with D&D and our view of it as we have enjoyed it for the past – ahhh – long time.

In my view, other worlds have tainted certain races – Hobbits (halflings) in particular. E. Gary Gygax said that Halflings were Hobbits from Tolkien’s works in the very beginning, but required a name change to avoid copyright problems. It is a very rare exception to find halflings doing evil things or taking a dark path but it can happen – Golem is an example of a dark path Hobbit. However it should be noted that it took an extraordinary evil magic to turn him in his path. Hobbits by nature are friendly, easy going, mistrustful of big folk and strangers, and love their food, family, and hearth. Keep in mind that Hobbits were chosen to carry the One Ring in the LOTRs because of their resistance to evil. The favored class in D&D is the rogue which is reasonable in light of The Hobbit where Bilbo is the stealth master burglar. Bilbo is not a rogue who pick pockets his friends – but he does pick pocket trolls.

You will find Hobbits favored with several well made areas for their development and playing pleasure.
Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in Ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that name be found...and those who decipher it are left pale and numb ---
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