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Study Group...

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 1:45 am    Post subject: Study Group... Reply with quote

Caitlyn Tarn: *realizes she is late and hurries to the dorm
Maxwell Madison: #what shall we do with a drunken saiilor, what shall we do with a drunken saiiilor....#
Caitlyn: *quietly enters the dorm*
Maxwell: #what shall we do with a drunken saiiiiilor early in the mooorning# *butchers piano chords*
Caitlyn: *listens to Max at the piano* *makes face*
Maxwell: #hoooray and up she rises, hoooray and up she rises, hoooray and#
Maxwell: ah, Iím never getting why bards are that popular anyway. every idiot could do THAT
Caitlyn: *quietly listens* *tries not to giggle*
Maxwell: *plays a few wrong notes* *coughs* uhhm, no, that wasnít... *looks around*
Caitlyn: *smiles shyly at Max* Hello *softly* *removes her cloak*
Maxwell: *smiles brightly* hello lovely one!
Caitlyn: *smiles, a pretty shade of pink*
Maxwell: I hope you just entered and came straight to me to say hello. otherwise Iíd have to throw you over my shoulder and head into the wilderness with you forever
Caitlyn: ohhh? *looks around* I did *earnestly*
Maxwell: ah, pity... eternity at some remote place only you and me didnít sound too bad *winks*
Caitlyn: *smiles shyly*
Maxwell: if you can stand a few old sailor songs, that is
Caitlyn: No, *softly* I don't think I would mind. *looks down at her hands*
Maxwell: *smiles* me neither
Caitlyn: *smiles up at him*
Maxwell: *gets a little closer*
Caitlyn: ummm.. are you ready to study *stammers* *buries her head in her pack* *pulls out a book* *looks up at him*
Maxwell: *makes half a circle in one swift motion, getting behind her and hugging her gently around the hips* *looks into the book*
Caitlyn: ohhh *softly like a sigh*
Maxwell: what are we studying, milady?
Caitlyn: *glances up at him* ohhh, right... *looks at the book*
Maxwell: *softly blowing at her ear*
Caitlyn: ohh *clearly distracted* umm *shivers slightly* This is an elven book about the goddess Angharradth
Maxwell: *gently rubbing her belly*
Caitlyn: *blushes*
Maxwell: ah, a lesson in elvish it is then?
Caitlyn: *looks down at his hand* *looks up at him eyes wide*
Maxwell: *places his chin on her shoulder to look with her into the book*
Caitlyn: *looks back at the book*
Maxwell: oh, it even has some pictures in it
Caitlyn: *not reading a word* *nods mutely*
Maxwell: *taking in the scent of her hair*
Caitlyn: ohh... well maybe you should hold the book *turns and thrusts the book at him*
Maxwell: *takes the book*
Caitlyn: *sighs in relief* *looks at Max*
Maxwell: Iím looking forward to the studies *nods to himself, looking at the pages*
Caitlyn: *looks at the book*
Maxwell: it looks very interesting
Caitlyn: maybe we can sit down? *softly*
Maxwell: *looks at Caitlyn*
Caitlyn: *looks at Max*
Maxwell: *sighs* Iím sorry milady. Iím afraid my temper has gotten the better of me. *bows in apology* *then looks into the air as if thinking*
Caitlyn: *blinks* Temper? Are you upset with me? *softly* I am so sorry *gushes*

Maxwell: amiral anira oema eo tyillalaeel fymlla omes ameanirel, laeaniram amilanam lem amelw nyill a'anelvyelair ean
Maxwell says in Elven: when the fire of passion burns from within, neither water nor wind can extinguish it

Caitlyn: *gasps in surprise*
Maxwell: *smiles* I hope I got it right
Caitlyn: how.. how.. *stammers* You know how to speak Elven ?
Maxwell: actually... no
Caitlyn: *Astonished* *looks at him curiously*
Maxwell: *shows her his forearm, a few words in common scribbled upon it* took me hours to find it in the library and another few hours to find someone able to translate it *sighs* Iím a hopeless cause it seems
Caitlyn: *studies his arm, looks up into his eyes*
Maxwell: *smiles at her* but Iím trying to learn what I can from your native language
Caitlyn: Ohh, nooo *softly* You are not hopeless... *disagrees strongly* *smiles up at him* I just need to teach you better.
Maxwell: well, you canít really learn anything in such a crowded place. what do you say, letís hit the road and travel to the waterfalls near the hobbit village
Caitlyn: shall we sit by the fire.. or would you rather the table *looks for a place to study* ohhh *eyes wide* ohhh can we?
Maxwell: why not? we could even stop at the temple of St. Marcus and take something along to eat and drink
Caitlyn: *slowly smiles* Why not?!
Maxwell: great! *bright smile*
Caitlyn: ohhh that would be lovely *eyes twinkling*
Maxwell: and Iím sure they even provide travellers with cloaks. we could use one to sit on
Caitlyn: *packs the book away and picks up her cloak* *smiles happily*
Maxwell: come on *grin*
Caitlyn: *Nods*
Maxwell: *reaches for her hand* May I?
Caitlyn: *puts her hand in his* *nods*
Maxwell: *smiles warmly* *looks up at the moon*
Caitlyn: *watches Max under lowered lashes*
Maxwell: *quietly sings* #when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie thatís... amore#
Caitlyn: *looks at him, eyes smiling* Pizza pie?
Maxwell: yes... itís... uhhm... a round cake. my mother used to bake it... itís not widely known though *looks up at the moon again*
Caitlyn: ohh.. it sounds... interesting *softly*
Maxwell: looks round and big... basically *grin*
Caitlyn: *smiles up at him*
Maxwell: maybe when we find some time between helping Kael and studying, we could try to bake one together
Caitlyn: *nods* ohh *softly* I would like that
Maxwell: you would?
Caitlyn: *nods* I think so.. wouldn't you? *looks a bit concerned*
Maxwell: Iíd love to *smiles*
Caitlyn: *smiles relieved*
Maxwell: caitlyn...
Caitlyn: Yes, Max *softly* *blushes* Maxwell
Maxwell: you can stop being worried about doing anything wrong... you know...
Caitlyn: *blinks up at him*
Caitlyn: *blushes*
Maxwell: ...thereís nothing you could do... to make me stop...
Caitlyn: I am sorry... *starts* I don't mean to.
Maxwell: ... *smiles without finishing his sentence*
Caitlyn: *looks up at him* Am I hopeless? *softly*
Maxwell: *smiles* not more hopeless than me. letís be hopeless together, what do you say?
Caitlyn: *smiles and nods*
Maxwell: itís not so hopeless being hopeless together you know?
Caitlyn: *smiles*
Maxwell: and you can call me Max... when you allow me to say Caity
Caitlyn: *nods* oh yes
Maxwell: with that settled, letís continue through the night
Caitlyn: *nods smiling up at him*
Maxwell: through a hopeless night, I mean *grin* wait... itís north, isnít it?
Caitlyn: I think so *softly* *looks at him concerned* You do not know?
Maxwell: I have a basic idea...
Caitlyn: *looks at him closely* *eyes searching*
Maxwell: *looks confident, though not overwhelmingly sure*
Caitlyn: We can stay here... *offers*
Maxwell: nah, Iíll get us there. all we have to find is Bree
Caitlyn: *nods* Alright, *smiles up at him trustingly*
Maxwell: alright then!
Caitlyn: *looks down at their hands* *smiles softly* *feels safe with her small hand in his*
Maxwell: what is -very- in elven?

Caitlyn: ''' *blushes*
Caitlyn says in Animal: very *blushes*

Maxwell: uhhhm...

Caitlyn: elam
Caitlyn says in Elven: very

Maxwell: oh..., thank you *smiles*
Caitlyn: *smiles*
Maxwell: because Iím elam happy right now. *smiles at her, continuing on the path*
Caitlyn: *nods* me too *softly8
Maxwell: *stops* uhhmm... is it ME or did that tree... move
Caitlyn: Are we... Ohhh *smiles bright*
Maxwell: *points over his shoulder without looking behind him*
Caitlyn: *nods* *smiles brightly* that is a treant *slightly breathless with excitement* Have you never met one?
Maxwell: letís put it this way... in terms of forest life, a 3 year old could beat me
Caitlyn: ohhh.. then come, you must meet him... *pulls him along* *or tries to anyway*
Maxwell: *walking backwards*
Caitlyn: *slowly in a clear voice* Greetings noble guardian of the woods
Maxwell: *sighs, turns around, half expecting to be stomped into the ground by a giant tree foot *opens one eye* *sees no giant foot* *opens the other eye*
Caitlyn: *glances at Max*
Maxwell: hello... uhhm... sir
Caitlyn: *lights dance in her eyes, happy to show him the treant*
Treant *: Mmmmmmm *bends low to peer at them*
Maxwell: *waves*
Caitlyn: *gives the tree a bright smile*
Maxwell: *whispers* the treant is our friend... right?
Caitlyn: *nods enthusiastically at Max* Ohhh yes
Treant *: Greeeeetiiinngs
Caitlyn: *bows again*
Treant *: tooo yoooouuuu
Maxwell: *bows too*
Treant *: yyoooung frieeend
Maxwell: you are speaking common?!? *astonished*
Treant *: ooooof theeeeee treeeees.
Caitlyn: How are the woods today, Noble Guardian? *slowly and clearly*
Treant *: *nods slowly* Aalllllll iiissss
Caitlyn: *smiles at Maxwell*
Treant *: quuuiitee welllll I shhhooould thiink *head slowly turns upwards*
Maxwell: *nudges Caitlyn softly and whispers* how do you know when he is finished?
Treant *: allllthhough weeee coooouuld peerhaaaaps
Poindexter Mort: *smiles weakly* Hello.
Treant *: uuussse aaaa little mooorre raaaiiiiinnn.
Maxwell: good evening, mister
Caitlyn: *smiles shyly at Dex* *nods to the Treant*
Poindexter: How are you tonight. Aren't you students with Jenny?
Caitlyn: *nods to Dex* Yes, we are *softly*
Maxwell: Jenny? never heard that name, sorry
Caitlyn: *blinks at Max*
Maxwell: *silently* doh
Poindexter: Really?
Caitlyn: *softly frowns*
Poindexter: Am I interrupting?
Caitlyn: We were speaking with the noble Treant
Poindexter: They speak?
Maxwell: indeed, didnít you know that? *pats the treant* guardians of the forest
Caitlyn: *to the Treant* I trust more rain is on the way, Noble guardian. I wish you a pleasant night *slowly and clearly* *bows*
Poindexter: Well I don't lave Annakol very much This is my second time away.
Maxwell: keeper of the wilds
Treant *: *slow smile creeks across his face* Aaannnddd toooo yooouuuu
Maxwell: theyíre the BEST
Poindexter: *looks a treant kind of scared.*
Treant *: aaassss weellllll
Caitlyn: *smiles Shyly at Dex*
Treant *: yyooouuuunnnnnggggg frrriiieeeennnd
Poindexter: I have read about them but I have never seem one really.
Treant *: ooofff thhheeee foooorrrreessst.
Caitlyn: *nods to the Treant* *smiles bright*
Maxwell: you should stay a while and listen to him in this case
Poindexter: *moves a bit closer*
Maxwell: always something good to learn
Caitlyn: ohhh yes, they are very wise
Poindexter: Well I going going to look for something. Kind of a gift of sorts *blushes* For when she gets out of school. PLease don't say anything.
Caitlyn: For Jenny? *curiously*
Poindexter: *blushes we were talking the other night.....
Caitlyn: *blushes* Ohhh... I won't spoil your surprise
Poindexter: Please don't.
Caitlyn: *nods* *steps closer to Max*
Poindexter: Maxwell are you a bard?
Maxwell: depends on whoís asking most of the time? why?
Poindexter: *smiles* I ran into Squirrel too the other night. I was just trying to get faces with names of Jenny's class.
Caitlyn: *softly* I am Caitlyn
Maxwell: yup, Iím the bard
Poindexter: *Blushes* We met a while ago. But you probably don't remember me.
Caitlyn: *blushes* Ohhh... I remember... I thought you perhaps forgot me sorry
Poindexter: *blushes back* Oh no I just figured well the other elf didn't like me much. I don't know why.
Maxwell: well, he is mentally challenged if you know what I mean
Poindexter: *shocked* and they let him in the school?
Caitlyn: *looks up at Max wide eyed*
Poindexter: *concerned* he isn't dangerous is he?
Maxwell: I mean, heís a mental challenge for all of us at times
Caitlyn: He has a brilliant mind... *blurts*
Poindexter: *worried about Jenny.*
Caitlyn: *blushes*
Maxwell: *remembers he promised to be good to Caity*
Poindexter: Oh so he isn't dangerous?
Caitlyn: He has had several ... bad experiences with.... humans *looks at him apologetically*
Maxwell: donít worry, Emory is... *bites his lip* quite alright *through clenched teeth* you know that bards tend to overdramatize things... ... Jennyís perfectly save. really
Poindexter: Well he did show me some scars but I didn't do anything to him *kind of hurt*
Caitlyn: *nods*
Poindexter: *still concerned* I'll have to talk to Jenny about it she so loves school. I really want her to finish and be happy.
Caitlyn: *nods smiles shyly*
Maxwell: oh, like I said, he isnít THAT bad. heís a nice guy really
Caitlyn: *looks at Max in surprise*
Maxwell: actually, Jenny is protecting us all. sheís most capable *nods*
Poindexter: *still concerned* Sometimes I just worry about what trouble Jenny might be getting into. She can be very trusting.
Caitlyn: *nods at Dex* *looks a bit puzzled*
Poindexter: I mean danger.
Maxwell: so, do not worry about her. sheís as fast as lightning, swift as a weasel, tough as a bear ... ... sheíll survive us all if it comes to it
Poindexter: *blushes* Well she can fight better than me that is for sure.
Caitlyn: *blinks at Maxwell's compliments*
Maxwell: *mumbles* no doubt about it
Caitlyn: *smiles shyly at Dex*
Maxwell: sheís formidable!
Poindexter: No doubt about what?
Maxwell: no doubt about that sheís most capable
Caitlyn: *nods*
Poindexter: *shyly* well we have never fought but I bet she could beat me up.
Caitlyn: Ohhh... *looks concerned* why should she?
Poindexter: I hope she would never want to I was just saying. *shyly* Squirrel said some things the other night.....
Caitlyn: nods relieved*
Maxwell: I bet it was the story of the hundred skeleton warriors coming through the breach and jenny who defeated them single- handedly
Caitlyn: ohhh she did? *impressed*
Maxwell: *whispers to Cait* no. *out loud* Yes, she did
Poindexter: *kind of angry* No it wasn't, that Squirrel kind of accused me of..... *embarrassed* Using Jenny. I don't even know what for?
Maxwell: seen it with my own eyes. she was standing in the breach, swinging her sword to and fro and only brave Maxwell was man enough to fight beside her
Poindexter: *looks kind of in shock* My Jenny?
Maxwell: Caitlyn was away at that time, visiting some friends and no one else was there
Maxwell: *nods*
Caitlyn: *frowns*
Poindexter: So Jenny went out with just you? No teachers?
Maxwell: with me and Maxwell
Poindexter: You are Maxwell.
Caitlyn: *blinks looks at Max puzzled*
Poindexter: Are there two of you? No one there to watch you two?
Maxwell: Iím afraid you are misled. Iím Darius. who said I was Maxwell?
Caitlyn: *looks at Dex*
Poindexter: Alone *very concerned*
Caitlyn: *blinks at Max*
Maxwell: did Maxwell said HE is Darius? Oh, the nerve!
Poindexter: You said you were, didn't you?
Caitlyn: *looks from Dex to Max*
Poindexter: So you are Darius the Bard?
Maxwell: wait till I get the little weasel
Poindexter: So there were three of you there? *a bit relieved.*
Caitlyn: *pulls her hand away slowly*
Maxwell: ahhhh *holds her hand a little tighter* alright. ok, ok. *turns to Caitlyn*
Caitlyn: *narrows her eyes at him*
Poindexter: *confused.*
Maxwell: Youíre not going to let me have a little fun, are you?
Caitlyn: *looks at him confused*
Maxwell: *hangs head in defeat* *sighs, looking skywards*
Poindexter: *hopes all of Jenny's classmates aren't so insane*
Maxwell: well, "I" am Maxwell and the story about the skeletons is only half the truth
Caitlyn: *wonders what is going on* *stays silent*
Poindexter: *thinks Jenny did say school makes them a little crazy...*
Maxwell: *turns to Caitlyn again* Good boy, see? *smiles*
Poindexter: *still worried* But Jenny wasn't alone?
Caitlyn: *look,s at Dex*
Maxwell: nah, Glendore and Squirrel were around, too
Poindexter: Were there teachers there. *seems worried*
Maxwell: yup, master Sensei was leading the little expedition. no danger at all
Caitlyn: *shakes head* No, we do a lot of independent study *softly* *blushes*
Poindexter: Oh now you say so* Visible look of relieve*
Caitlyn: *turns away*
Poindexter: Did I say something?
Maxwell: *laughs out loud* youíre doing this on purpose, Caity
Caitlyn: *blushes* *stays silent*
Poindexter: I don't understand your inside jokes *looks left out.*
Caitlyn: *looks at Dex apologetically*
Maxwell: truth is, Caitlyn here is the good soul while I am the one trying to become the good soul so, you better listen to her and Iíll shut up now
Poindexter: *eyes down* Its okay I'm used to being left out. I just thought because you were Jennyís friends..... I'll be going. I don't want to intrude.
Caitlyn: ohhh... *softly*
Maxwell: nonsense, why is it that no one seems to have any fun these days?
Caitlyn: *looks at Max grateful he's not really, not going to talk*
Poindexter: *brightens a bit* are you sure?
Maxwell: youíre ok, Mister Mort
Poindexter: *brightens
Maxwell: and if youíre Jennyís friend, you are mine
Poindexter: Oh you you know my last name? I go by Dex.
Maxwell: Dex... a good name *nods* so... youíre looking for a gift for Jenny?
Poindexter: Well it's not my real name more of a nickname. *smiles* It is kind of a gift.
Maxwell: so, what is it ?
Poindexter: *blushes* a secret.
Maxwell: youíre giving her a secret?
Poindexter: Yes.
Maxwell: ah...
Poindexter: I have heard of a place were I can get one.
Maxwell: a place where you can get a secret?
Poindexter: Yes*smiles*
Maxwell: sounds... interesting and pretty secretive... in a way *looks to Caitlyn*
Poindexter: Well I would tell you but it is a ..... secret.
Caitlyn: *looks from Dex to Max*
Poindexter: It is for after graduation.
Maxwell: hmmm sounds like a big surprise and an expensive one
Caitlyn: *nods* and I promised not to tell... *softly* I would not know what to say any way.
Poindexter: Yes it is so please don't let him ruin it. *to Cat*
Maxwell: as if I could ever ruin something!
Poindexter: *wonders.... bet he could*
Maxwell: Iím all for love
Caitlyn: *blushes a pretty shade of pink*
Poindexter: *blushes* who said anything.....about that?
Maxwell: Iíd be the very last hindering young love from blooming
Poindexter: Young love I'm your age. *slaps hand over mouth* Forget I said that.
Maxwell: HA! I SO knew it *turns to Caity*
Poindexter: *blushes* please don't.
Maxwell: wouldnít I be a splendid cleric for Aphrodite, too?
Caitlyn: *smiles at Max*
Poindexter: *confused again* I thought you were a Bard?
Maxwell: *sighs* oh dear... no, Iím no bard
Poindexter: *concerned* then a rogue?
Maxwell: Iím a stout follower of something I havenít yet found, a living artist you might call it
Poindexter: *thinks you lie like a rogue.* *thinks Bull .... artist.
Maxwell: I have just so many talents I have not decided which one to follow
Poindexter: *wonders what he is trying to hide.* *wonders if he should report him to the guards as a thief* So you have many unnamed talents? *looks him over*
Maxwell: I donít know ... would you count being able to juggle with 5 bottles of wine as a talent... yes
Caitlyn: *blinks up at Max in surprise*
Poindexter: *wonders* No I don't think of that as a talent. Unless you want to be a bartender. You might make a good one.
Maxwell: exactly... and maybe Iím not even becoming one, but I COULD, thatís the point
Caitlyn: *looks at Max thoughtfully*
Poindexter: *thinks sure they need the stables cleaned out by now* So you are going to be a salesman.
Maxwell: probably
Poindexter: Because I think you are selling me a line a mile wide.
Maxwell: *nods* probably, but probably not *sighs* no one cares for good entertainment these days anymore
Poindexter: I love good entertainment. I just haven't seen any yet.
Maxwell: ohhhhh time to leave now I guess
Poindexter: *whistles* *summons familiar.*
Caitlyn: *blinks at the sun* *looks up at Max*
Poindexter: This is Midnight.
Caitlyn: *smiles fondly at the panther*
Poindexter: She and Jenny keep me out of trouble.

Caitlyn: ''''' '''''''
Caitlyn says in Animal: Hello young one

Midnight: *nudges Cait.*
Caitlyn: *pets the panther*
Poindexter: Be nice Midnight.

Caitlyn: '''' ''' ''' ' '''''''''
Caitlyn says in Animal: ohhh you are a sweetling*

Maxwell: oh, Iím pretty sure she will be *grin*

Midnight: '''''
Midnight says in Animal: hello

Maxwell: *looks to Caity*

Midnight: '''' '''' '''''' '' '' '''' '' '''
Midnight says in Animal: Tell your friend to be nice to Dex

Caitlyn: *blushes* *stands closer to Max*

Midnight: ''' '''''' ''''' ''''' ''' ''''' '' '' ''''''' '''' ''' '''''''
Midnight says in Animal: Dex really likes jenny and wants to be friends with her friends

Poindexter: Midnight be nice.
Maxwell: *a little bit surprised*
Caitlyn: *nods to Midnight*
Maxwell: *smiles at Caity* sheís not going to eat us, is she?
Caitlyn: *looks up at Max* ohhh noo, you are safe.
Poindexter: She is nice she won't hurt you.
Maxwell: Iím not so worried about me... if I were a panther, Iíd eat you first, too *winks*
Poindexter: Midnight be nice to Max or Darius or what ever his name is.
Maxwell: *to Dex* nicely put
Poindexter: Well I'm going to be off. I have that secret to find.
Caitlyn: Good luck to you Dex *softly*
Maxwell: yes, have fun

Caitlyn: ''' ''' ''''' ''''''' ''' ''''''' ''', Midnight
Caitlyn says in Animal: May the earth provide and shelter you, Midnight

Poindexter: And you two. Please don't tell Jenny?
Caitlyn: *nods promising*
Midnight: *licks Caitís hand*
Caitlyn: *smiles sweetly at Midnight*

Midnight: ' '''' ''', '''' ''' ''''
Midnight says in Animal: I like you, dump the jerk

Poindexter: Max or Darius please don't tell Jenny.
Caitlyn: *frowns slightly at Midnight*
Maxwell: tell Jenny what?
Poindexter: I hope you won't I want it to be a surprise.
Maxwell: sure. now get lost *smirks*
Poindexter: Very funny. Come on Midnight.
Caitlyn: *looks at Max thoughtfully*
Maxwell: *looks at Caitlyn*
Caitlyn: *smiles*
Maxwell: *smiles back* what?
Caitlyn: *shrugs* I did not understand... I am sorry
Maxwell: *sighs*
Caitlyn: I did not mean to ruin your fun
Maxwell: ah nevermind. it was just nonsense
Maxwell: trying to lighten up the guy a little, but... well, didnít exactly work *looks thoughtfully at Caity*
Caitlyn: *nods* Ohh.. *softly* Midnight does not care for you. *blushes* Just so you know *stammers*
Maxwell: youíre afraid I am only fooling around with you too, arenít you? *suddenly serious*
Caitlyn: *blinks and blushes* I ... I don't ... know what to think *softly*
Maxwell: *nods* *hangs head a little*
Caitlyn: *looks ashamed* *lifts his chin* Maybe.. you could tell me *softly*
Maxwell: guess with such actions Iím not really helping you to feel more secure huh? *looks at her* what could I tell you...
Caitlyn: *shrugs* Whatever you want to *softly*
Maxwell: I canít
Caitlyn: *blinks confused*
Maxwell: not whatever I want, but only what is truth
Caitlyn: *smiles bright* I like that *softly* But... I like your ... jokes too *grins*
Maxwell: *smiles* Iím afraid you have to take me like I am... the full package
Caitlyn: You... make me want to smile... I ... I like that *nods at his comment*
Maxwell: I wish I could do so much more...
Caitlyn: If you can... take me... *softly* *looks down* surly I can take you *looks up at him hopefully*
Maxwell: *embraces her* I can take you... and I wouldnít have you any different than you are
Caitlyn: *tucks her head in his chest, breathes in his scent*
Maxwell: *places a kiss on her head*
Caitlyn: What ... do you want to do? *softly*
Maxwell: stay here like this with you forever
Caitlyn: *smiles and blushes softly* I mean... umm do you want to be a bard? *looks up at him*
Maxwell: heavens, no
Caitlyn: *giggles* ohhh, well I overheard you singing... *softly* *looks up at him*
Maxwell: Iíd like to learn more about the woods... *gaze drifts into a distant future* I doubt my tie to nature is strong enough to become a druid... ... but it might be just enough to learn your ways... and maybe some day... we could walk through it at eye level... together
Caitlyn: *gazes at him in wonder*
Maxwell: *fades back into the now*
Caitlyn: *nods* the woods is easy... you just need to be quiet and listen to what it teaches you *smiles bright*
Maxwell: *smiles at Caity*
Caitlyn: *smiles*
Maxwell: and by then, I surely have mastered to say : hello my love in elven *smirks*
Caitlyn: *blushes* ohhh... I am not such a good teacher *softly*
Maxwell: *laughs out*
Caitlyn: It is late... we must get back to school... and I have yet to teach you a thing *worried look*
Maxwell: donít worry. if anyone could ever manage to teach me, itís you next time, weíll just get up a little earlier and maybe make it to the falls then I could learn what water is, and flowers, and grass, and cookies...
Caitlyn: *nods* Alright *softly* Next time I will teach you any words you wish to know.
Maxwell: Iím looking forward to that
Caitlyn: *smiles bright*
Maxwell: *takes her hand* letís head back to the school then
Caitlyn: *nods* *placing her hand in his*
Maxwell: *smiles at her with a deep calm*
Caitlyn: *smiles warmly in return*
Maxwell: *nods* off we go
Caitlyn: *glances at Rosie's garden* *checks for the green sprig she carefully tucked away* *sighs with relief*
Maxwell: what is this?
Caitlyn: *looks up at Max* What?
Maxwell: *curious* this plant
Caitlyn: *blushes* That? *looks at the mistletoe* An herb... *stammers*
Maxwell: may I see it please?
Caitlyn: *gently hands it over to him*
Maxwell: *gently takes, it, looks at it, then looks to Caitlyn again*
Caitlyn: *blushes.. looks down* *fidgets*
Maxwell: *holds it with one hand high over their heads, then looks at Caity*
Caitlyn: *sees he's not moving.. looks up at him waiting* *sees him holding the sprig aloft*
Maxwell: *still looking at her, not saying a word*
Caitlyn: *blushes* *looks away* *looks back at him*
Maxwell: *brings his arm down*
Caitlyn: *eyes the guards*
Maxwell: *looks at the mistletoe*
Caitlyn: *looks at Max*
Maxwell: mustnít have been the right one I guess
Caitlyn: *softly* How long does the ... magic last? Will said to be careful with it... he said it was ... very powerful.
Maxwell: *looks at the mistletoe*
Caitlyn: You do not recognize it?
Maxwell: *smiles* well... I hoped... ... you know... *grin*
Caitlyn: *smiles shyly*
Maxwell: I was being rash again
Caitlyn: Will said he knew all about the kissing herb... I am sorry, I thought you were teasing
Maxwell: *nods*
Caitlyn: *looks up at Max*
Maxwell: *turns the mistletoe in his fingers* *hands it over to Caity again*
Caitlyn: *carefully takes it from him and tucks it away* *starts to walk back to school*
Maxwell: *looks after her* *hangs his head for a second* *sighs*
Caitlyn: *reaches back for his hand*
Maxwell: *then straightens and takes her hand* it wasnít fully grown yet anyway *mumbles*
Caitlyn: *leads him to the bench* Please.. sit *softly* *stands before him* *gently pulls out the mistletoe* *looks into Max's eyes*
Maxwell: *looks at her curiously*
Caitlyn: It is fully grown *softly*
Maxwell: *softly* are you sure?
Caitlyn: *glances to be sure the guards are looking the other way* *looks back at Max* Ohhhh yes... see the berries? *show the sprig to Max again*
Maxwell: *smiles*
Caitlyn: a young plant does not possess berries
Poindexter: Hello again.
Maxwell: *falls backwards*
Poindexter: *Pats chest. I found what I was looking for.
Caitlyn: *looks at Dex*
Poindexter: Is he okay?
Maxwell: *groans* Iíll kill him
Caitlyn: ohh *puts sprig away carefully*
Poindexter: Did you kill him?
Caitlyn: ohhh no
Maxwell: *groans*
Poindexter: *thinks too bad*
Maxwell: there will be murder, but it wonít be me
Poindexter: Have you seen Jenny?
Caitlyn: *bends over to examine Max*
Poindexter: Is he alright?
Maxwell: *staring dreamily into the sky*
Caitlyn: I think so
Poindexter: Here try this. *offers potion of restoration .*
Caitlyn: Max? *softly* did you hit your head?
Maxwell: *looks at Caitlyn*
Poindexter: *pats Max's cheek* are you okay?
Maxwell: please just tell me if you were about to do what I thought you were about to do...
Caitlyn: *gently lifts his head and puts it in her lap*
Maxwell: *looks at Caity*
Poindexter: *blushes* Am I interupting something?
Caitlyn: *looks at Dex and blushes* *looks at Max and nods*
Maxwell: Caity, please hand me my Katana... I'll kill him
Caitlyn: *brushes his hair from his face gently* shhhh nooo *softly*
Maxwell: *but stays lying in Caityís lap*
Poindexter: Well if you two want to be alone just say so you don't have to get melodramatic.
Caitlyn: *blushes*
Maxwell: *closes eyes and groans*
Poindexter: *did he just threaten me?*
Caitlyn: *looks up at Dex* I am glad you found your secret *softly*
Poindexter: Jenny and I prefer the rock. we can get closer. *blushes at his boldness*
Caitlyn: *continues to touch Max's hair*
Maxwell: *sighs, enjoying her gentle touch*
Poindexter: Well I think you want to be alone even if you won't say so.
Caitlyn: *blushes hotly* *eyes the rock*
Poindexter: Good bye.
Caitlyn: Fare well, Dex *softly*
Maxwell: good riddance...
Poindexter: Oh and I won't stay and watch like Squirrel does.
Caitlyn: *blushes and looks around nervously*
Maxwell: I donít care, Squirrel is silent at least! *looks up at Caity again* I love you, you know that?
Caitlyn: *nods silently*
Maxwell: *smiles relieved*
Caitlyn: *still running her fingers through his hair*
Maxwell: *closes his eyes again, resting in her lap*
Caitlyn: I have to go... Max *softly*
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 5:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Caitlyn Tarn: Hello Maxwell... *softly*
Maxwell Madison: A fine afternoon to you, Caity
Caitlyn: *pets the dog*
Maxwell: *smirks*
Caitlyn: *smiles*
Maxwell: Oh are we back at Maxwell again? *raises eyebrow playfully*
Caitlyn: *smiles shyly* Max *softly*
Maxwell: *looks quickly around*
Caitlyn: Did you lose something? *softly, glancing around*
Maxwell: *steps a little closer to embrace her* No, I just wanted to make sure weíre safe
Caitlyn: Ohhh *softly, like a sigh*
Maxwell: *gives her a gentle kiss*
Caitlyn: *blinks in surprise, then closes her eyes* *then opens them wide* *blushing slightly*
Maxwell: *releases her*
Caitlyn: it's good to see you, Max *stammers softly* *smiles softly*
Maxwell: thatís why I checked no one would look
Caitlyn: *nods smiling* Thank you, Max *softly*
Maxwell: if we were that formal if no oneís around, Iíd somehow think somethingís wrong. You look breathtaking today, if you donít mind me saying *smiles, looking her over*
Caitlyn: Nothing is wrong... I am ... just new at this *stammers* I have never had anyone want to kiss me before *shyly confesses* ... and I don't mind *in response to his compliment*
Maxwell: And I have no one wanting a kiss from me. So, weíll be fine *smiles*
Caitlyn: *gives him a gentle smile*
Maxwell: See? *points at their boots* We even like the same colours on our feet
Caitlyn: *giggles softly*
Maxwell: Canít be so wrong then, us two
Caitlyn: *shakes head* No, I don't want it to be wrong.
Maxwell: Me neither, Caity, me neither
Caitlyn: *smiles brightly*
Maxwell: *smirks* did you pack a swimsuit?
Caitlyn: I don't have a swim suit
Maxwell: Excellent *broad grin*
Caitlyn: *looks at him slightly confused* You want to swim?
Maxwell: Hmmm, not right this minute... ... but you know, the waterfall weíve been talking about?
Caitlyn: *nods*
Maxwell: I feel the yearning to learn what elven words there are for water, swimming, fish... *smirks* and everybody knows that you learn best when youíre doing the things you want to learn
Caitlyn: *smiles* ohhhh I can teach you them all. *quietly*
Maxwell: *reaches out for her hand*
Caitlyn: *puts her hand in his*
Maxwell: to the waterfall then?
Caitlyn: *nods*
Maxwell: yeeeeehaaa *grin* Do you think it has some hot currents?
Caitlyn: Perhaps
Maxwell: Iíd love that. Iíve heard of little ponds you could even bath in while itís winter outside
Caitlyn: ohhhh
Maxwell: yup, exactly *smirks* *waves to the Treant* good day to you, Mister Treant!
Caitlyn: *smiles at the Treant*
Maxwell: *whispers* heís not getting around much, is he? I mean... it IS a he? right?
Caitlyn: *giggles* They don't "have" to move.. but he can if he wants too
Maxwell: ahh, explains a lot. Hmm, I hope heís no Misses Treant
Caitlyn: He lives off of sunshine and water...
Maxwell: sheíd likely be offended if she wasnít a he and me calling her Mister *scratches head* if that makes any sense at all
Caitlyn: ... as long has he can find water in the earth.. and sunlight above.. he has not need to go anywhere. *giggles again* They are not he's and she's like we are.
Maxwell: They arenít what are they?
Caitlyn: They drop seeds... like trees... they are a bit of both.
Maxwell: seeds? ewwwww
Caitlyn: *smiles* Why eww?
Maxwell: you mean, they just go -poof- and thatís it? whereís the whole romance thing?
Caitlyn: *smiles at the deer* Ohh *pauses* I suppose they never know romance *frowns softly*
Maxwell: Glad Iím no treant then
Caitlyn: *pets the dog* Me too *softly*
Maxwell: *smiles at her*
Caitlyn: *smiles at him*
Maxwell: Iím happy about THAt too grin* Just hope they give a fair warning before they drop their seed stuff
Caitlyn: *laughs softy*
Maxwell: I mean, I come along and say good day and *whoosh* all seedy
Caitlyn: It's not like that at all... *smiles softly* Only mature Treants can.. and that means they are hundreds of years old and only during the right season ... and they are very protective of them They would not drop them on your head *laughs softly at her own joke*
Maxwell: I can imagine... if you have to wait quite a few hundred years to get seedy *laughs* yes, they better not!
Caitlyn: *smiles and nods*
Maxwell: *points to Dahlia* letís get something nice so we donít starve on the way
Caitlyn: alright *softly*
Maxwell: *to Dahlia* hello Mighty priestess of Food and Drink. weíre two weary travellers stopping by your glorious home in order to see what you have to offer in blessings of St. Marcus the mightily heavy.. I mean powerful one!
Caitlyn: *smiles at Max*
Maxwell: *looks at all the food*
Caitlyn: *looks at the priestess shyly* May I have a couple of those... *points to some chocolates* and those *softer still*
Maxwell: and one of the famous apple pies, too, please
Caitlyn: Thank you miss. *smiles shyly* *hands her some coins*
Maxwell: *receives a wrapped up package*
Caitlyn: *looks at Max pleased*
Maxwell: ah, very nice, thank you! *looks to Caity* Do you have everything?
Caitlyn: *nods*
Maxwell: *smiles* then off we go! with being the deity of all that food I canít help to wonder what St. Marcusís girth wide may be
Caitlyn: *eyes widen, stifles a giggle*
Maxwell: Really, you canít have a tiny, bony man be the leader of a food cult!
Caitlyn: ohhhh *sighs* isn't it lovely here?
Maxwell: *taking a deep breath*
Caitlyn: *looks at the Nixie with a twinkle in her eye* *looks out over the water*
Maxwell: itís nice here in spring, isnít it? *takes her hand*
Caitlyn: *nods* *slips her hand in his*
Caitlyn: Latymelv *spring* *smiles up at him*
Maxwell: *grimaces* Latmnelf
Caitlyn: *smiles softly, puts her hand on the tree trunk, walks around it * Anmaa *tree*
Maxwell: *grins* now thatís finally an easier one. Anmaa *pats the tree trunk*
Caitlyn: *smiles* Very good Max
Maxwell: Thanks *smiles* what is water?
Caitlyn: *bends down low at the water's edge* *reaches in* *touches his hand with her wet hand* Amilanam *water*
Maxwell: *sighs* letís start over at Anmaa I guess *tries to spell it nevertheless*
Caitlyn: *smiles* I am sorry, the words are not so easy to say
Maxwell: amilanaman. oh boy...
Caitlyn: *blinks*
Maxwell: A m i la nam Amilanam Ha! got it
Caitlyn: *smiles* very good, Max
Maxwell: *smirks* no wonder you grow so old if you have to learn to speak elven during your lifetime
Caitlyn: *laughs softly*
Maxwell: *closes eyes* Anmaa *touches tree*
Caitlyn: *smiles proud*
Maxwell: *Amilanam *lets a drop fall from his hand where Caity has touched it with the water*
Caitlyn: *nods smiling*
Maxwell: only another Zillion words still to learn now
Caitlyn: *nods frowning* This is how I learned.... but.. I don't know of any easier way. I am sorry Max
Maxwell: *smiles at her* and I hope when I know them all, thereíll be another Zillion words still to learn *looks her in the eyes with a smile*
Caitlyn: *blinks* Then I'll never be done teaching you
Maxwell: exactly
Caitlyn: *smiles* I wish i were a better teacher *softly*
Maxwell: *blinks* hey, wait a minute *in mocked shock* This way then! Here! Come on! you mean you want it to be over in a couple of days then? *sniffles an obviously fake sniffle*
Caitlyn: Ohhh noooo *softly shakes head* I just wish it could be easier for you to learn. I don't mind teaching you, no matter how long it takes. I just hope you do not grow frustrated with me. *looks down*
Maxwell: If you do not have to invest anything in an ability, you wonít come to treasure it
Caitlyn: *picks a flower* Oceamam *flower* *nods* You are very wise Max *softly*
Maxwell: Flower... is SUCH an easy word... in common... *groans* but noooo *gets up again, laughing* *clears throat*
Caitlyn: *grins* it's something to be treasured... yes?
Maxwell: ohhhhh yes *smirks* *looks at her, but not more than you
Caitlyn: Oceamam
Maxwell: *not looking at the flower, but at her* Oceamam
Caitlyn: *looks up at Max* But I am just me... not a treasure
Maxwell: *shakes head* you should never be anyone's treasure, but treasured you belong to yourself and what is given shall be given freely
Caitlyn: *smiles softly* That is very nice, Max.
Maxwell: *nods* Iíve seen a lot of treasures come and go...
Caitlyn: *looks down* *looks back up at Max*
Maxwell: and not just peculiar ones
Caitlyn: What do you mean?
Maxwell: that I wish youíd stay...
Caitlyn: *watches him* stay where? *softly*
Maxwell: *equally softly* with me...
Caitlyn: *smiles softly* But I am with you..
Maxwell: *smiles, looking down* you know what I mean
Caitlyn: *looks at him* I am here with you... for as long as you want me here. *softly*
Maxwell: I hope always is in an option then *smiles*
Caitlyn: I have no where else I need to be, and no where else I want to be.
Maxwell: *takes her hands*
Caitlyn: *puts her hands in his*
Maxwell: *looks at her, the moon shining through the trees*
Caitlyn: *looks at their hands then up at him* *follows his gaze*
Caitlyn: Seel *moon* Laanilmla *stars*
Maxwell: sa ceela
Caitlyn: *blinks* How did you know?
Maxwell: I can read... and I know how to use a library if I choose to
Caitlyn: *blushes and nods* I did not mean you are not capable, Max*
Maxwell: *softly brushes with his fingers over her cheek* I know
Caitlyn: *looks up at him*
Maxwell: I wanted to show you that I care
Caitlyn: *smiles softly*
Maxwell: what would your parents think of me if I came to your town and behave like the last dumbster? No, no they should see that their daughter is with someone who cares, canít have your daddy chasing me through the woods with his mithril longsword, can I?
Caitlyn: *frowns softly* I ... I do not know my parents... so I don't know what they would think *so softly*
Maxwell: Iím sorry, Caity... I didnít know... *looks down*
Caitlyn: I have not told any one Max.. you could not have known
Maxwell: *looks at her again* what do you think, we go up to the falls where we are alone?
Caitlyn: *nods* alright
Maxwell: eat what we bought at the temple and talk
Caitlyn: *nods smiling*
Maxwell: *nods*
Caitlyn: *sits and takes off her boots* *lifts her cloak up*
Maxwell: wait a second, here, jump on my back, Iíll carry you over
Caitlyn: *giggles* are you sure?
Maxwell: come on *grin*
Caitlyn: *nods* *gently climbs on his back and holds on tight*
Maxwell: *gets up and carries her over to the pixie boulder* *sets her down gently*
Caitlyn: *laughs softly*
Caitlyn: *smiles at the Pixie*
Maxwell: *makes a funny face* *looks down at her*
Caitlyn: *concerned* was I too heavy?
Maxwell: maybe... just maybe... it might have been a good idea to get out of my boots first *sloshes with his boots full of water* *grin*
Caitlyn: *laughs softly*
Maxwell: *gets out of his boots* *putting them next to the boulder*
Caitlyn: *sits, putting her feet in the water*
Maxwell: *to the fairies* watch it.. I know where you live
Caitlyn: *splashing just a bit, looking for fish*
Maxwell: *puts out the pie he bought and arranges it on a linen cloth *along with some spring water* here, take anything you want
Caitlyn: I suppose not many fish are above the falls *softly*
Maxwell: *smiles at her* I guess youíd be the expert for that
Caitlyn: *looks at the spread* Ohh.. this looks wonderful, Max
Maxwell: I thought a picnic at midnight at the pond may be just the thing
Caitlyn: *pulls her feet out of the water and sits nearer to him and the food*
Maxwell: *takes out a clean knife and cuts the pie into portions*
Caitlyn: *smiles at him*
Maxwell: *grin* feel free to use your fingers *looks around*
Caitlyn: *smiles* Thank you Max... *reaches for some water*
Maxwell: just wait here a second please
Caitlyn: ohhh okay. *waits*
Maxwell: *jumps over the stream, nearly splashing full front into the water
Caitlyn: *folds her hands in her lap*
Maxwell: *rushes to the field of flowers* *picks a few* *jumps back* *close your eyes for a second please *smiles*
Caitlyn: *closes her eyes*
Maxwell: *arranges the leaves of the flowers as a heart on the cloth thatís spread out* alright, you can open them up again
Caitlyn: *opens her eyes and looks at him*
Maxwell: *smiles at her*
Caitlyn: *smiles back* *looks around* *sees the flowers* ohh, Max *softly*
Maxwell: *broad smile* enjoy the pie, Caity
Caitlyn: *sits with her hands in her lap* *sighs* It's so pretty, I don't want to ruin it *softly* *gazing at the picnic*
Maxwell: it would be ruined if we let it go to waste *smiles* *getting a small clean cloth out of his coat*
Caitlyn: *nods* Did you ever wish ... that you could freeze time.. and just... live in that moment...??
Maxwell: *using the knife to get a piece of the cake out of its form and puts it in the small cloth, then handing it to Caity* *nods*
Caitlyn: thank you *softly, taking the offered piece*
Maxwell: *looks at her* I hope weíll share a lot of those moments...
Caitlyn: *smiles looking up at him* Me too *softly* Tyea *pie*
Maxwell: I love it when you smile like that Tyea *says and bites into his own pie*
Caitlyn: *blushes slightly* Emory says my smile is why... umm... and I should not smile like that.. *softly* *looks down at her pie
Maxwell: Youíve told me Emory and you are close...
Caitlyn: *looks up at Max* I wanted to go away to school. *softly*
Maxwell: but... if you see him acting like a madman... do you really believe that his advice when it comes to humans should be heeded? You have a beautiful smile and thereís nothing wrong with that *nods*
Caitlyn: *frowns softly* Emory ... is .. not in balance *looks up at Max* He has been hurt... deeply.. he needs to heal *smiles at him* Thank you, Max *softly*
Maxwell: I already promised I wonít provoke any more conflict with him
Caitlyn: I am grateful to you for that Max, really I am *softly*
Maxwell: But I have the nagging feeling that if he were able to, heíd not hesitate to put one of those gease on me to make me stop being together with you
Caitlyn: *breaks off some pie and puts the piece in her mouth* *looks at him scared* Do you think he can? *softly*
Maxwell: I do not know... I really do not know... but for now, Iíll go out with no spells on me I havenít written myself
Caitlyn: *nods* *looks concerned*
Maxwell: *nods* exactly
Caitlyn: He thinks you have put a spell on me, Max *softly*
Maxwell: and the fact that he might stumble over this particular idea... plus he researched that spell to help Kael
Caitlyn: *pales slightly at the thought* *frowns* I am sorry *softly* I did not mean to put you in danger I should go
Maxwell: *looks up at her*
Caitlyn: *puts the pie down* *stands up to go*
Maxwell: oh please, please sit down again
Caitlyn: *swallows* I am so sorry Max, it's all my fault
Maxwell: please... sit down Caity
Caitlyn: I don't want him to hurt you
Maxwell: *looks at her pleadingly*
Caitlyn: I could never live with myself *eyes become glassy*
Maxwell: and I could never live without loving you
Caitlyn: *looks at him closely*
Maxwell: so, I beg you... sit down with me again
Caitlyn: *uncertainty in her eyes*
Maxwell: thereís no risk I wouldnít willingly take to be able to be even a minute together with you
Caitlyn: *swallows again* ... *softly*... but why... why do you want to risk... so much?
Maxwell: what is a love worth that crumbles on the first signs of danger on the horizon? itís all about risking everything for someone you love
Caitlyn: I... I just wanted to... save you, Max... *softly*
Maxwell: I am safe, he could equally well put a gease on you
Caitlyn: *blinks*
Maxwell: what do you think Iíd do then?
Caitlyn: *shakes head, uncertain*
Maxwell: donít you think Iíd do anything to wrench you from the grip of the spell?
Caitlyn: You would? *in awe* You would do anything? *softly* *steps closer*
Maxwell: *looks into her eyes* why do you think I am here with you? *softly*
Caitlyn: *blushes*
Maxwell: Iíll be there when everyone else is gone
Caitlyn: I did not mean... You will? *softly* *looks into his eyes*
Maxwell: *nods* and I think you know youíd do the same for me *reaches for her* please donít go
Caitlyn: I don't want to go *softly confesses* I just don't want to put you in danger *fear in her eyes*
Maxwell: *arms still streached out for her* it is not the first danger I lived through, and it wonít be the last we face *smiles* and as long as we always have enough pie to eat... ... weíll be fine
Caitlyn: *steps into his embrace*
Maxwell: *embracing her gently*
Caitlyn: please don't get geased, Max *softly*
Maxwell: *laughs softly* Iíll try my best not to
Caitlyn: *smiles softly up at him* I don't want you to.. not like me.... ever.
Maxwell: *smiles down at her* Iíll always love you, Caity *leans in for a gentle kiss*
Caitlyn: *looks at him, holds perfectly still*
Maxwell: *stops a little distance before her lips* what do you think, me half the way, you half the way? *holds now still himself*
Caitlyn: *blinks* *gets up on the tips of her toes* *and kisses him ever so softly* *her hands on his chest so she keeps from falling*
Maxwell: *lifts her off the ground, holding her tight*
Caitlyn: ohhhh *softly, like a sigh*
Maxwell: *gently lets her down again* *looking at her*
Caitlyn: *looks at him closely*
Maxwell: what do you think, I lean on the stone, and you lean on me
Caitlyn: ohhh... alright
Maxwell: *wraps his arms around her* *looks up to the stars* another moment to freeze in time...
Caitlyn: *relaxes and snuggle into his embrace with a soft sigh of contentment*
Maxwell: *smiles as she snuggles*
Caitlyn: mmm, hmmm *softly*
Maxwell: *enjoying the moment*
Caitlyn: *closes her eyes breaths deep*
Maxwell: *strokes her gently*
Caitlyn: *memorizing the scent of him, her thoughts and feelings of this very moment*
Maxwell: *after some time*
Caitlyn: *trembles slightly at his touch*
Maxwell: the stars shine just for us tonight
Caitlyn: *smiles softly*
Maxwell: Did you ever have anyone who really cared for you? *looking up to the night sky*
Caitlyn: *shakes her head* No one cares about me. Unless I am in trouble *softly*
Maxwell: what happened that it is that way?
Caitlyn: I don't know, *softly* They wont tell me
Maxwell: they? your people?
Caitlyn: My aunt and uncle *nods* my people
Maxwell: and your aunt and uncle do not care, too?
Caitlyn: all I know is... when I was two.. my mother took me to, her, my aunt. *nods* I remember holding my motherís hand
Maxwell: *holding her a little tighter*
Caitlyn: and she and my aunt.. were arguing *softly* Then she gave me a quick hug and kiss and pushed me to my aunt.. and left me there...
Maxwell: *nods to indicate he is listening*
Caitlyn: I don't know where my father was... but that was the last I ever saw her. My aunt and uncle did not want me... but they took care of me anyway. I could never get them to tell me about my parents
Maxwell: and then you decided to go away?
Caitlyn: All I know is that my aunt did not approve of her sister marrying ďthat elf.Ē
Caitlyn: I asked them to come here to school... they were all too happy to be rid of me I was nothing but a trouble maker to them. I was just as happy to leave them and my cousins... But everything is so different here... *softly*
Maxwell: sometimes it is best to leave before words are said that cannot be made unsaid *kissing her on the head*
Caitlyn: but ... too many words are unsaid...
Maxwell: have you ever tried to go searching for yourself what happened to your parents?
Caitlyn: It's as if my parents never existed... *softly* I don't even know my fathers name *softly*
Maxwell: Do you think I could help?
Caitlyn: and this all happened over 100 years ago... *softly* How? *softly*
Maxwell: I donít know yet... the point is more if you really want to find out or if you decide to bury the past once and for all but an in between could haunt you for the rest of your life I guess
Caitlyn: I don't know... if they wanted me... they could have found me... *frowns*
Maxwell: *looks up at the stars again*
Caitlyn: *tears slip silently down her cheeks* I don't think they want to be found
Maxwell: *thinks* maybe... they did never had the chance to find you again
Caitlyn: Maybe *softly*
Maxwell: they have missed the wonderful woman their child has become... itís their loss now
Caitlyn: *nods* *wipes away her tears*
Maxwell: *getting out a blanket against the nightís chill, wrapping them both into it*
Caitlyn: *snuggles closer still* *softly* Thank you, Max... for ... loving me
Maxwell: *strokes her to give her some warmth* thereís no need to thank me... youíre my sunshine in the darkest dungeons
Caitlyn: I am... just me... Max, I don't want you to be disappointed..
Maxwell: *shaking her playfully* *left to right*
Caitlyn: *looks back at him*
Maxwell: *smiles at her* you could never ever disappoint me I believe I know who you are and I love who you are
Caitlyn: You really do? *smiles hopefully*
Maxwell: I really do *nods*
Caitlyn: *turns to face him, knees before him*
Maxwell: *looks at her*
Caitlyn: and you won't be disappointed in me?
Maxwell: no, I wonít be disappointed in you
Caitlyn: *smiles happily* No one has ever said that to me... *looks down* Usually quite the opposite *looks at him in the eyes*
Maxwell: *looks her in the eyes too* *smiles at her lovingly*
Caitlyn: *softly* E ceela aey, *Maxwell* oem ilcc eo anesa
Maxwell: I know ceela...
Caitlyn: *smiles softly* You do? *in wonder*
Maxwell: *smiles* and I ceela you too, Caitlyn
Caitlyn: *smiles softly* I know *softer still*
Maxwell: have I told you once already? *in mocked insecurity*
Caitlyn: *brushes his hair from his face softly with her fingertips* *gazing at him* *nods smiling* Once or twice *softly*
Maxwell: *nods* then all is well *seeing the sun rising* look... the sunís saying she loves yo too
Caitlyn: ohhhh... we must get back... *softly*
Maxwell: *nods*
Caitlyn: *blushes* what will Jenny think of me?
Maxwell: huh? why? *truth dawns on him* ohhhhhh
Caitlyn: for being out of the dorm all night
Maxwell: *chuckles* sheíll think you were out all night but if you are lucky, she spent the night with Dex...
Caitlyn: *frightened* they won't kick me out of school will they? *blushes* You think she has?
Maxwell: No. you did a research on plants that only grow at night and to watch them growing properly, of course you had to be out all night
Caitlyn: *blushes* If I lie I'll only get into more trouble.
Maxwell: *looks around* look, that moss over there. it had grown a couple of inches since we arrived
Caitlyn: *eyes the moss*
Maxwell: it is Asjskjgia Desperada... very rare in these parts
Caitlyn: *blinks at Max*
Maxwell: it hasnít grown an inch since the sun came out
Caitlyn: ohhh
Maxwell: therefore it is a plant that only grows at night, you did a research of it and now you donít have to lie
Caitlyn: Asjskjgia Desperada *repeats* *smiles happily* Thank you Max
Maxwell: errrm... be careful when using that name... better you say just moss *smiles* ohhh, I only get you in trouble or, best of all... just donít tell anybody unless they ask specifically *grin* of course, you might tell Jenny though
Caitlyn: alright, Max... but I would like to come back and study it another time
Maxwell: *smiles at her* anytime you want *helps her up*
Caitlyn: Thank you *takes his hand*
Maxwell: *then sighs* *takes her hand, looking at the rock with his boots leaning on it* I think I need new boots ... one of these days *grin*
Caitlyn: *nods* *looks at boots* are they worn out?
Maxwell: jump up, the coach is leaving the travel station
Caitlyn: *grins and climbs on his back*
Maxwell: no, theyíre still all wet *carrying her over the water*
Caitlyn: Ohhh right, *smiles* I forgot
Maxwell: *letting her gently down again* back to the school?
Caitlyn: Thanks for the lift *grins at him* *nods*
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the quiet villiage of Nif
Maxwell Madison: *bows*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles happily* Hello, Max
Maxwell Madison: greetings, lady of my heart *smiles*
Caitlyn Tarn: *eyes sparkle*
Maxwell Madison: *embraces her in a big hug*
Caitlyn Tarn: *returns his hug*
Maxwell Madison: *places a kiss on her head*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles up at him, eyes full of trust*
Maxwell Madison: Iím so glad you came here, have you ever been here before?
Caitlyn Tarn: *shakes head* no.. but I know there is a grove near by
Maxwell Madison: whatís a grove?
Caitlyn Tarn: Butterfly grove is.. *thinks* North of Nif
Maxwell Madison: butterfly grove... sounds nice
Caitlyn Tarn: I havve not been there.. but it's supposed to be lovely
Maxwell Madison: if itís lovely itíd be a shame not to visit it
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles bright* Really? You want to go?
Maxwell Madison: sure thing!
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles happily*
Maxwell Madison: as long as Iím not supposed to find the way there *smirks*
Caitlyn Tarn: Well... I think north is *points* that way
Maxwell Madison: *takes her hand* then off to butterfly grove!
Caitlyn Tarn: *slips her hand in his*
Maxwell Madison: errm ,whatís butterfly grove in elven?

Caitlyn Tarn: Fyananamoca Vmeela *Butterfly grove*

Maxwell Madison: off to butterfly grove then! *coughs*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles at him* Fyan-an-am -oca Vmeela
Maxwell Madison: *rolls eyes with a smile* I so knew youíd make me say it my litte Fyananamoca teacher
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles*

Enters Butterfly Falls
Maxwell Madison: *looks at the waterfall*
Caitlyn Tarn: Ohhhh these are the falls
Maxwell Madison: *looks up* ohhh you can even get behind it!
Caitlyn Tarn: *softly as the spray of water sends mist in the air around them* *nods* the grove is behind them
Maxwell Madison: *laughs*

Caitlyn Tarn: Oilccla *Falls*

Maxwell Madison: you know, we two have a thing for water
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles* I hope your boots won't get ruined this time
Maxwell Madison: *looks at her* As long as you do not mind, I do not mind, too. Who needs boots anyway? *smirks*
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles*
Maxwell Madison: *looks at the deer* Hey, you over there... what about some privacy here?
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks at the house* What a lovely place to live... *softly*
Maxwell Madison: *whispers* could be a druid for all we know
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles at the stag nuzzles her* *nods* it could be
Maxwell Madison: you better be a REAL stag! *smiles* Really can any druid steal a kiss from you that easily?
Caitlyn Tarn: *blinks.. blushes*
Maxwell Madison: if so, where do I have to sign up? *smirks*
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles* You don't have to be a druid to kiss me *blushes at her forwardness*
Maxwell Madison: *gets a little closer* I donít have to be? *softly*
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks hat him with wide eyes* *shakes her head no*
Maxwell Madison: *stopping shortly before her face, whispering now* what about letting me be the druid of your heart then?
Caitlyn Tarn: You can be the druid of my heart *speaks softly back to him*
Maxwell Madison: *kisses her gently*
Caitlyn Tarn: *returns his gentle kiss*
Maxwell Madison: *smiles at her with loving eyes*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles back eyes aglow*
Maxwell Madison: letís find the grove and get some impressions on how to build our own grove

Caitlyn Tarn: Nelala *Kiss*

Caitlyn Tarn: *nods* behind the falls
Maxwell Madison: *grins* another complicated word...*kisses her again* Nelala *nods* your wish is my command *smiles*
Caitlyn Tarn: **smiles * you are doing very well Max
Maxwell Madison: Iím trying but it seems your language is so much more complicated than I thought
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods* I am sorry
Maxwell Madison: 50 words for wood and all that *smirks*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles*
Maxwell Madison: *engulfes her in his arms*
Caitlyn Tarn: I guess we, as a people.. like trees *holds him close*
Maxwell Madison: donít be sorry, beautiful one. itís a good language
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks up at him in surprise* Beautiful one?
Maxwell Madison: *looks at her a little bit surprised now, too* sure
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles to herself* No one has ever called me beautiful
Maxwell Madison: itís about time then somebody does *holds her tight once more*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles up at him*
Maxwell Madison: *looks at her with a smile* to the grove?
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods*
Caitlyn Tarn: greetings guardian, may we enter?
Maxwell Madison: *smiles a chraming smile* yes, weíd like to get some impressions from your grove

Caitlyn Tarn: Sgohaohaoorahfasks serohgogahohfa, coohaeo jahao haofaorhaogo?
Caitlyn Tarn says in Druidic: Greetings guardian, may we enter?

Caitlyn Tarn: *bows* thank you
Maxwell Madison: farewell
Caitlyn Tarn: *turns and smiles at Max*

Enters Butterfly grove
Maxwell Madison: *looks at the treant, whispering* theyíre following us
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles* No they live here too *smiles at the cat*
Maxwell Madison: *whispers* I feel so watched everytime I enter the forest since I know the trees have eyes *winks*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles* I don't mind the trees watching
Maxwell Madison: gives you sort of a bad conscience when stepping on a broken branch
Caitlyn Tarn: *shakes head* A fallen branch is like clipped hair
Maxwell Madison: *smirks* itís a good thing the use spores... and not... well, THEN Iíd have a REALLy bad conscience
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks at him confused*
Maxwell Madison: you know... for mating purposes... *shudders* best not dwell on it
Caitlyn Tarn: Alright
Maxwell Madison: *looks down* now, thatís a loong way down
Caitlyn Tarn: *watches him* *looks down* ohhh it is *steps closse to the edge and looks down*
Maxwell Madison: *holds her above her hips*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles at him* I won't fall
Maxwell Madison: *nods* I wouldnít let you
Caitlyn Tarn: *turns in his arms to face him* And if I do. I won't get hurt *secret smile*
Maxwell Madison: *kisses her* so, angels DO have wings, after all
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles impishly* Not an angel, Max *whispers close to his ear* a dragon
Maxwell Madison: *whispers in her ear* please donít eat me in one bite
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles* I am afraid in dragon years I am quite young *pouts* ... and i would never eat you, Max *smiles up at him*
Maxwell Madison: but be warned, a kid of port city knows how to deal with dragons *nibbles at her neck playfully*
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles* are there many dragons in port city, Max?
Maxwell Madison: not that I know of *smirks*
Caitlyn Tarn: *laughs softly* *teases* then how do you know so much about dragons?
Maxwell Madison: I do not but when you face one, you have to have at least the imagination you could handle one *smirks*
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods* ahhh... then I will not frighten you *smiles, teasing him*
Maxwell Madison: hmmmm no *smirks* well... although..
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles up at him, gazing lovingly* although?
Maxwell Madison: thinking about it... *kissing her on the nose*
Caitlyn Tarn: *watches him curiously*
Maxwell Madison: ...if I canít do that anymore without getting burned by two flames out of giant nostrils, Iím fine *kissing her on the nose again* *nods* yep, Iím fine *smirks*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles* I don't have to breath fire, Max
Maxwell Madison: ohhh you donít ? *raises eyebrow*
Caitlyn Tarn: *shakes head* No, I can *ticks off on her fingers* acid, electric, cold... too
Maxwell Madison: and I can *ticks off on his fingers* climb pretty fast, dodge eveade and I can beg pretty well
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles up at him* ohhhh... will you teach me?
Maxwell Madison: ohhh I donít know... itís high art and I have to choose my pupils wisely *teasing*
Caitlyn Tarn: ohhh *pouts* *eyes twinkling*
Maxwell Madison: nahh, pouting doesnít get you anywhere on the hard path of begging mastery *holds her around her waist* *looks her in her eyes*
Caitlyn Tarn: ohhh, then what does?
Maxwell Madison: pleeeeaaase, teachme what you know, will you? *big bambi eyes* I promise Iíll be a good pupil
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles* *softly* pleeeeeaaase, teach me what you know, will you? *eyes go large and soft, still with a hint of twinkle* I promise I will be a very good pupil *flutters her eyeslashes, trying not to giggle* oohh *falls to her knees* almost forgot *softly*
Maxwell Madison: *falls to his knees too*
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks up at him*
Maxwell Madison: you already advanced to the next level, Iím impressed *still kneeling*
Caitlyn Tarn: What is the next level?
Maxwell Madison: the kneeling itís the next step on the begging mastery path
Caitlyn Tarn: Then you will accept me? *eyes widen*
Maxwell Madison: you have some talent *smiles*
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles*
Maxwell Madison: *falls to his side out of his kneeling position on the forest ground*

Caitlyn Tarn: Tyytyec *Pupil*

Maxwell Madison: Tyytyiec
Caitlyn Tarn: *sits near him putting his head on her lap*
Maxwell Madison: *looks up at her*
Caitlyn Tarn: *blushes* you don't mind? *softly
Maxwell Madison: of course not, itís like asking if I mind breathing, my love
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles and brushes his hair gently with her fingers* *blinks and smiles bright*
Maxwell Madison: *closes his eyes as her fingertips brush through his hair*

Caitlyn Tarn: wilmn irilem *dark hair*

Maxwell Madison: *smiles*

Caitlyn Tarn: lae laeoan *so soft*

Maxwell Madison: laeoan

Caitlyn Tarn: cena laecnal laanmillwla eo amaf *like silken strands of web*

Maxwell Madison: *in very broken elvish* fyan leanirelv nyestyilmaw ane anira laeoanlalala eo aeym aneynyir
Maxwell Madison says in Elven: *in very broken elvish* but nothing compared to the softness of your touch

Caitlyn Tarn: *blinks at him in surprise* ohhh Max *impressed*
Maxwell Madison: I remember the words I want to rememeber *Smiles up at her*
Caitlyn Tarn: *laughs softly* I see.. then what words do you wish to know?
Maxwell Madison: how do you say that you love someone so much that you think about living together forever?

Caitlyn Tarn: E ceela aey lae synyir, E laireycw elama synyir amelair ane latyalw ilcc sa wilala ameanir aey
Caitlyn Tarn says in Elven: I love you so much, I should very much wish to spend all my days with you

Maxwell Madison: *looks up at her*
Caitlyn Tarn: *blinks at the lightning flashes* *looks down upon his face* *soft smile*

Maxwell Madison: Eíw amelair anirilan, anee
Maxwell Madison says in Elven: Iíd wish that, too

Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles at him* Do you have someone else teaching you? *softly* *still running her fingers through his hair*
Maxwell Madison: I read a lot lately
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods* I am very impressed... you are doing so well. Does.. Emory know? *here eyes marred with concern*
Maxwell Madison: *shrugs* and if so, I do not care *looks up at her*
Caitlyn Tarn: *watches him intently, then nods slowly*
Maxwell Madison: though he might be right in one thing *a little sad*
Caitlyn Tarn: what is that? *softly*
Maxwell Madison: Iíve turned it upside down and inside out, but... ... after all, youíll most likely outlive me by a few years
Caitlyn Tarn: *sad small smile*
Maxwell Madison: *looks to the sky* but then again...
Caitlyn Tarn: we will have to make the most of the time we have then. *softly*
Maxwell Madison: Caity...
Caitlyn Tarn: *eyes glassy*
Maxwell Madison: *looks up at her*
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks at him intently*
Maxwell Madison: let me be your comet that passes by in the nightsky.
Caitlyn Tarn: *blinks*
Maxwell Madison: You cannot follow me where Ill be going right away... ... but for the time Iím here Iíll try to lighten up this night for you
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles through tears* shhhh... let's not speak of you leaving so soon...
Maxwell Madison: *nods, resting his head in her lap*
Caitlyn Tarn: *she lifts his head from her lap and sets it gently on the ground* *comes along beside him and lays down on her stomach* *resting on her elbows her face near his*
Maxwell Madison: *gets an arm around her, holding her close*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles and moves closer still her lips a breath away from him*

Caitlyn Tarn: oem ceela
Caitlyn Tarn says in Elven: for love

Caitlyn Tarn: *she kisses him softly upon the lips*
Maxwell Madison: *kissing her softly back*

Maxwell Madison: oem aey
Maxwell Madison says in Elven: for you

Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles at him, looks up at his hair* *impish grin*
Maxwell Madison: *smiles* what?
Caitlyn Tarn: *grins* you have mistle toe braided in your hair, my darling *softly* *eyes sparkle*
Maxwell Madison: Iím afraid youíll have to kiss me until it comes out, then
Caitlyn Tarn: *eyes open wide*
Maxwell Madison: *smirks*
Caitlyn Tarn: I think you are making this up, Max *smiling*
Maxwell Madison: yes, I think I am
Caitlyn Tarn: *reaches over him with one arm supporting herself* *loosens the sprig from his hair*
Maxwell Madison: *looks at her, smiling*
Caitlyn Tarn: *catches his look* *smiles back at him*
Maxwell Madison: canít be a coincidence... itís a sign
Caitlyn Tarn: What is a sign, Max?
Maxwell Madison: the mistletoe in my hair
Caitlyn Tarn: How so?
Maxwell Madison: the mistletoe gods want to see another kiss I think, though Iím no expert on gods *smiles*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles* Well... we can not... offend the gods
Maxwell Madison: that is ...a wise decision
Caitlyn Tarn: *takes the missle toe an quickly braids it in her hair* *smiles down at him*
Maxwell Madison: *smiles happily* the mistletoe gods say, you make a wonderful high priestess of kissing.
Caitlyn Tarn: *blushes* But Max, *softly* I only want your kisses
Maxwell Madison: *smiles, getting on his knees before her* thatís why the gods in all their wisdom made me the high priest of kissing
Caitlyn Tarn: ohhhh *smiles pleased*
Maxwell Madison: *gently gets a twig from the mistletoe in her hair and puts it in his hair*
Caitlyn Tarn: *giggles*
Maxwell Madison: *kissing her gently*
Caitlyn Tarn: *leans into his kiss and returns it*
Maxwell Madison: *kissing her passionately*
Caitlyn Tarn: *feels herself flush as the kiss suddenly changes* *pushes away breathless and unsure* *her eyes wide and curious*
Maxwell Madison: *lets her go*
Caitlyn Tarn: It is magic *breathes softly in wonder* *looks into his eyes*
Maxwell Madison: *looks at her with a questionmark written over his face*
Caitlyn Tarn: *explains* the Missle toe.. it is magic. Didn't you feel it? *eyes wide with wonder*
Maxwell Madison: Iím not sure if I can follow you...
Caitlyn Tarn: Kiss me again... surly you must feel it too *softly, leans in to kiss him again*
Maxwell Madison: *kisses her gently again at first, then with more passion*
Caitlyn Tarn: *returns his kiss... letting the feeling of passion wash over her*
Maxwell Madison: *pulling her gently down with him, still kissing*
Caitlyn Tarn: *eyes closed* *follows him down*
Maxwell Madison: *enjoying that she enjoys it, kissing and cuddling* *after a while* *smiles at her*
Caitlyn Tarn: *follows his lead... * *eyes wide with wonder* You did feel it...
Maxwell Madison: now I know what you mean with magic
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles* I think, I would like a garden of missle toe *blushes*
Maxwell Madison: *softly brushing the hair out of her face*
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles at him*
Maxwell Madison: *smiles back* itís not the mistletoe... itís the passion that is in you
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks at him intently*: *looks at the missle toe* ohhh *blushes* Tom said it was powerful...
Maxwell Madison: and it was, I take it?
Caitlyn Tarn: ... he called it the kissing herb
Maxwell Madison: *nods* and the magic did work, from all I can tell
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods* it was very powerfull.. it ... took my breath away and left me.. *frowns* you said it was not the missle toe *confused*
Maxwell Madison: the mistletoe helps to bring to the surface what is already inside you
Caitlyn Tarn: Ohhhhh *blushes*
Maxwell Madison: you do not need magic to feel passion.
Caitlyn Tarn: *smiles shyly at him* then all I need is you *smiles softly*
Maxwell Madison: Iím glad you realized that *teasingly*
Caitlyn Tarn: *laughs softy*
Maxwell Madison: *looks at her*
Caitlyn Tarn: *unbraids the sprig from her hair* *looks at the missle toe* it was a... very nice kiss...
Maxwell Madison: *nods*
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks at him under lowered lashes* I don't suppose you would want to... test your theeory... *tosses the sprig over her shoulder
Maxwell Madison: *laughs, reachig out for her to pull her down to him*
Caitlyn Tarn: *looks up at him* *smiles*
Maxwell Madison: Iím a great scientist, you know... I HAVE to test that theory over and over again
Caitlyn Tarn: *smmiles happily* May I be your test subject?
Maxwell Madison: ohhh do you want to?
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods* *eyes shining*
Maxwell Madison: *closes his eyes, kissing her*
Caitlyn Tarn: *eyes fluuter closed as she returns his sweet kiss*
Maxwell Madison: *feeling her body on him, her hair tickling, her sweet lips* *happy sigh*
Caitlyn Tarn: *eyes flutter open, love shining through*
Maxwell Madison: so... did it work without the herb? *holding her close*
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods*
Maxwell Madison: *stroking gently over her back*

Caitlyn Tarn: Ama lairilcc laelam fa tyilmanaw, sa ceela, oem il tyilman eo aey amecc fa ameanir sa oemaelam, irama el sa irailman
Caitlyn Tarn says in Elven: We shall never be parted, my love, for a part of you will be with me forever, here in my heart

Caitlyn Tarn: *takes his hand to her chest and presses it to her heart*
Maxwell Madison: *nods* and you with me *letting his hand rest on her heart* whatever happens, you and I are not alone anymore
Caitlyn Tarn: *holds his hand there* *nods smiling* I like that, Max
Maxwell Madison: *looks at her, love shining in his eyes* through good times and bad times
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods watching him*
Maxwell Madison: until the end of all times, Caity
Caitlyn Tarn: until the end of all times, Max
Maxwell Madison: *places a kiss on her lips*
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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 5:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Maxwell suggests to Caitlyn that they travel to a desert oasis he has heard about.
Maxwell Madison: well, here we are...
Caitlyn Tarn: *nods*
Maxwell: letís look for some palms, a pond and quietness
Caitlyn: I have never been through that portal before
Maxwell: me neither, but some more... travelled friends of mine said you could find it all around in these parts
Maxwell: *looks at Caity with a twinkle in his eyes*
Caitlyn: *smiles* that sounds nice
Maxwell: it does, I just hope the spot can keep up with the expectations
Caitlyn: *smiles happily, just to be with him*
Maxwell: but we have to be careful. scout reports tell of increased drow activity in these parts
Caitlyn: ohhh... drow... *softly* I have yet to meet one.
Maxwell: better not...
Caitlyn: *nods* oh alright
Maxwell: *starts sweating... and itís hot here.. letís try to go quickly and quietly
Caitlyn: *nods*
Maxwell and Caitlyn are attacked by a few undead creatures in time they are able to over come their foes.
Caitlyn: good girl, Shadow *pets her gently*
Maxwell: are you ok? *concerned*
Caitlyn: I am fine, are you alright, Max?
Maxwell: just feel a little weak, thatís all
Caitlyn: ohh?
Maxwell: *shows a discolored spot on his skin where the spectre got him*
Caitlyn: ohhh dear *looks at his skin* *hands him a potion* Drink this
Maxwell: the little bugger has a cold touch... itís even colder than your feet at night *grin*
Caitlyn: *touches it gently* Does it hurt? *shocked* My feet?
Maxwell uses Potion of Lesser Restoration
Hell Hound breathes fire. Shadow fights with the Hell Hound and returns.
Caitlyn: nicely done Shadow
Maxwell: *scratches chin* Iíve heard it from some feet kobolds *smiles* and those must know
Caitlyn: hmmph, I have never had a kobold in my bed. *eyes twinkle*
Maxwell: and boy, do I hope youíll never get one *smirks*
Caitlyn: *giggles* you and me both
Maxwell: *snickers* letís try to find that oasis... do you think your friend can move a tad more silently?
Caitlyn: do you think it's safe to go any farther *slightly nervous*
Maxwell: *nods* if we can keep a little cover in the few shadows we should be fine
Caitlyn: more so than me... unless you want me to change out of my chain?
Maxwell: donít tempt me *grin*or else I might actually say yes *winks*
Caitlyn: *blushes* I meant into other clothes. I can make Shadow invisible with my ring
Maxwell: alright, you get into something more comfortable, shadow gets invisibility and I myself am fine for now
Caitlyn: or I can send her back to school? *nods*
Maxwell: *turns around to give her some privacy*
Caitlyn: *changes out of her chain shirt into clothes *uses Ring of Invisibility* I am ready
Maxwell: *smiles* if everything else fails, try faking to be a tree *pokes her playfully in the side*
Caitlyn: *smiles* that ought to work
Maxwell: or maybe theyíll just have pity on us because we look like having forgotten some sun protective lotion *teasing about the barkskin spell Cait casted on them both*
Caitlyn: *giggles*
Maxwell: alright, careful now... some skellies ahead
Caitlyn: *nods* I'll be careful
Maxwell: *carefully avoiding open spaces* so far, so good
Caitlyn: *pets Shadow* good girl, staying out of trouble
Maxwell: how did you come to your panther?
Caitlyn: she was injured
Maxwell: so you rescued her?
Caitlyn: *nodded*
Maxwell: and since then, she stays at your side?
Caitlyn: she was half starved, she could not hunt... when I found her she was weak as a kitten... but she had such a strong will to live
Maxwell: *snickers* itís like with babies... they just wonít stay small and cute
Caitlyn: *smiles softly*
Maxwell: ahhhh... weíre there
Caitlyn: ohhh... how lovely... ohhh Max..we are not alone here *eyes the spiders* *uses Ring of Invisibility*
Maxwell: ah, crap!
Caitlyn: whew *sighs as they walk past them*
Maxwell: well, seems like those spiders know a nice spot when they see one, too
Caitlyn: *grins a bit nervous*
Maxwell: *laughs* and we even got a waterfall!
Caitlyn: *giggles*
Maxwell: letís go for a swim! *gets out of the leather*
Caitlyn: I do not have a swim suit
Maxwell: donít need one... unless those spiders return, no one is looking I guess
Caitlyn: *sits and takes her boots off* *looks up at him and blushes slightly*
Maxwell: and the waterís just THE thing after all the sand and heat
Caitlyn: *nods looking at the water with longing*
Maxwell: *throws a few water drops at her playfully*
Caitlyn: *looks at Max* *smiles shyly* Please turn your head while I undress? *ends up more a question*
Maxwell: you know you want it *smiles* and I will look away until youíre in
Caitlyn: *smiles gratefully* *sits* ahhhh.. *sighs in the cool water*
Maxwell: well, seems like my connections havenít lied about the spot *smiles*
Caitlyn: *smiles in delight* *sits closer to Max* the spiders are a bit creepy
Maxwell: *lays an arm around her, leaning back against a stone* maybe they came here to relax a little bit, too
Caitlyn: *smiles at the thought of spiders on a holiday*
Maxwell: I guess even spiders take their time outs *grin* *leans back, closing his eyes* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Caitlyn: *looks around* It's very pretty here. amilanam *water* menyn *rock* maawla *reeds* *shudders slightly* Latyewamla *Spiders*
Maxwell: with you near, even the creepiest dungeons have some hints of prettiness *kisses her on her head*
Caitlyn: *smiles at Max,*
Maxwell: finally a word thatís fitting... Latyewmnala! the word alone strikes terror in your heart *smirks*
Caitlyn: *pouts playfully* Did you see a bright flash?
Maxwell: yes, but I thought it was a sunray reflecting from your hair
Caitlyn: ohh *grins* *ducks her head under the water* *comes back up and shakes the spray of water from her hair* I think I am getting burned from the sun
Maxwell: well, letís go under the palm, then
Caitlyn: I am not used to the sun
Maxwell: *sits on the beach to dry* we have some shadow here...
Caitlyn: *nods and sits* *her feet still in the water*
Maxwell: so.... a druid not used to the sun *raises eyebrow*
Caitlyn: *grins* not used to the sun on "my" bare skin... the sun is less harsh when I am in wolf form
Maxwell: or are you more an indoor- druid, making sure that the plants in the windows are alright? *smirks*
Caitlyn: *giggles at the thought*
Maxwell: hmm so you like it better to move around in wolf form when outside?
Caitlyn: *blushes* sometimes.
Maxwell: howís it different from being human? Except you use your arms to walk, I mean
Caitlyn: *smiles* My Aunt and Uncle did not approve of me. They did not let me do things the other elven children were allowed to do. So I would sneak out... in wolf form and play with the children.
Maxwell: and left the pillow under the sheets, so no one would notice youíre gone?
Caitlyn: They loved the wolf far more than they ever did me.
Maxwell: you mean, you played in wolf form with the children?
Caitlyn: *shrugs* they never mentioned me being gone... I don't know that they ever knew. *gins at the memory* *nods* yes, otherwise my cousins would have told on me.
Maxwell: hmmm I can see why you like being a wolf then... you seem to have better memories attached to it than you have to your elven you
Caitlyn: *leans over and scoops some water on her arms and face to cool them off* *nods slowly* Yes, I suppose so. After I found Shadow... and healed her... she followed me around everywhere. My aunt and uncle refused to allow her in the house but she always found a way in... she is very sneaky. I learned to take her form too...
Maxwell: yes, the panther... Iíve seen you before using it
Caitlyn: and then my aunt and uncle would kick me out of the house *giggles*
Maxwell: they thought you were shadow huh?
Caitlyn: *nods* They never assumed I could do anything... they did not have much... faith in my abilities. *shrugs* so I never told them.
Maxwell: it must be great to have so many different friends
Caitlyn: *smiles sweetly* I like animals ... they, don't demand too much... or judge you too harshly. And they don't care who your parents are or what they did wrong *frowns slightly* *looks at Max and smiles*
Maxwell: guess thereís an animal deep within me then *winks* hmmm
Caitlyn: *smiles* Did you have animal friends in Port City?
Maxwell: *sighs* the older I get the more I begin to think all my friends have been animals to a degree
Caitlyn: Oh? *curious*
Maxwell: a few lizards, a few snakes... birds of prey.. *sighs*
Caitlyn: *looks at him closely* I did not think you would see those creatures in a city like Port City
Maxwell: but seriously... no, there arenít that many friendly animals in port city anyway
Caitlyn: *nods*
Maxwell: *laughs with a hint of bitterness* in port city, you do not see anything else but those these days
Caitlyn: *studies his face* Were you a misfit too?
Maxwell: oh, no... at least not that Iíd know of
Caitlyn: ohh *blushes* *looks down*
Maxwell: *Smiles at her* what?
Caitlyn: *smiles at him* I was a misfit
Maxwell: nothing wrong with the question, my love *nods* from all you told me, Iíd say you were, with me, it was a little different
Caitlyn: I have tried hard to stay in elven form at school. What was different?
Maxwell: childhood *smirks*
Caitlyn: Tell me about your childhood *washes him curiously* *careful to keep her eyes on his face*
Maxwell: oh, it was over pretty fast *looks into the sky, trying to remember* we were a few boys from the harbor district
Caitlyn: *nods*
Maxwell: though not really poor, it wasnít all grapes and wine either
Caitlyn: *nods slightly*
Maxwell: weíd meet every day and stroll around the city, looking at things and people and thereís much to see there... every day, ships from all over the world would come into the harbor, bringing new sights and sounds with them every day
Caitlyn: *pulls her legs to her chest and wraps her arms around them hugging them close to her body*
Maxwell: unimaginable wonders to the eyes of a child
Caitlyn: *smiles at the thought*
Maxwell: just imagine seeing a real tiger getting unloaded the smell of perfumes from the farthest corners of the world, scents you couldnít even dream about
Caitlyn: *smiles, imagining the things he speaks of*
Maxwell: the language of the sailors, so foreign that it sounds like gibberish and wealthy... really wealthy merchants, their fingers loaded with diamonds
Caitlyn: *rests her chin on her knees enjoying the story and the sound of his voice*
Maxwell: clad in the most precious of all fabrics... with a squadron of servants to tend to their every need believe me, as a child, you are impressed by it
Caitlyn: *nods smiling*
Maxwell: the huge ships setting sail into the sunset... the breeze from the ocean... and the singing of the sailors during the night, in the taverns... of course, we were forbidden to go to the taverns at all, even by day, let alone night *Smirks*
Caitlyn: *softly* did you sneak in? *curious*
Maxwell: no
Caitlyn: *blushes*
Maxwell: sneaking Out was the hard part
Caitlyn: *giggles*
Maxwell: *snickers at the memories* the tavernkeeps arenít too picky where they get their money from. I guess it was back then when I learned sneaking
Caitlyn: *smiles softly* you learned it far better than I...
Maxwell: weíd stuff an additional pillow under the sheets to pretend being asleep and then made our way downstairs, unlocked the door and quietly, very quietly, closed it behind us
Caitlyn: *sits quietly listening*
Maxwell: and then, the streets were ours
Caitlyn: *smiles*
Maxwell: or so we believed
Caitlyn: *raises an eyebrow*
Maxwell: weíd go into the worst places and feel like kings the sailors sometimes threw us a penny for bringing them new ale and the ... well, the women in these places gave us a few pennies to mix some extra... stuff into it on our way back
Caitlyn: *looks at him curiously* What did you put in it?
Maxwell: well, that particular part I learned a lot later letís just say, it helped those... ladies... to make more money faster. all in all, it was a pretty carefree life
Caitlyn: *nods* I bet it was salt... makes you even more thirsty *grins*
Maxwell: *looks at her open mouthed* *but regains his wits fast* uhhhm... probably well, be it as it may... I even learned writing and reading of course, I often was somewhat tired during the lessons, but I picked up enough to get a foggy idea about it *smirks*
Caitlyn: *giggles*
Maxwell: *nods to himself* yes, those were good times
Caitlyn: *puts her legs back in the water* *smiles warmly* So you had a nice child hood
Maxwell: Iíd say so, I guess there are certainly childhoods harder than mine was
Caitlyn: *nods* mine too *rolls onto her stomach, draws in the sand*
Maxwell: *looks at her*
Caitlyn: *draws a spider... then wipes it out with the palm of her hand*
Maxwell: *smiles* canít relax with them eight legged bugs encountered so often recently huh?
Caitlyn: *draws the outline of a ship on the sea* *smiles* I am just glad they are gone
Maxwell: *rolls on his stomach too, laying an arm around her*
Caitlyn: *her skin is a bit tender from the sun.. but she does not mention it, enjoying his closeness*
Maxwell: maybe you should consider a career as an artist, when youíre fed up with running around in the forest *smirks* *nibbles at her shoulder playfully* you could lay here in the sand, drawing, and I cover you with kisses
Caitlyn: *giggles* I can't imagine *flinches slightly* ever being tired of the forests
Maxwell: *kissing her back tenderly*
Caitlyn: *sighs at the thought*
Maxwell: between kisses* sounds like a plan to me
Caitlyn: *shivers at his kisses* Max? *softly*
Maxwell: and shadow could bring us food, the water weíve got here already *stops*
Caitlyn: *smiles*
Maxwell: yes?
Caitlyn: I need to find something
Maxwell: ah... and what is it? Iím a great finder
Caitlyn: a plant.. it should grow near by it's called aloe *blushes her skin already pink*
Maxwell: oh dear, seems like you got a sunburn
Caitlyn: it's got thick green spike like leaves.
Maxwell: better put your clothes back on... something loose will do best I think
Caitlyn: *glances at the nearest plant*
Maxwell: *nods* weíll dress and set out to find it
Caitlyn: *giggles* ohh this may be it... *reaches and pulls off a leaf... smells it*
Maxwell: well, youíre the expert here *smiles*
Caitlyn: *touches the sap between her fingers* *nods grinning* Max?
Maxwell: *nods* Iíll do it with pleasure, Caity
Caitlyn: *Hands a leaf to him* Thank you *pulls her hair over her shoulder exposing her whole back to him*
Maxwell: *squishes the leaf, so that the juice drops into his palm* *starting to touch her shoulders gently with the fluid*
Caitlyn: *takes a leaf for herself and proceeds to cover her legs and torso* *sighs at his gentle touch and the soothing aloe*
Maxwell: *his fingertips merely brushing against the slightly reddened skin* *taking his time, proceeding from her shoulders downward* *not forgetting her sides, though hard pressed to keep his fingers under control*
Caitlyn: *shivers from the cool aloe on her exaggerated hot skin* *never realizing just how good aloe feels on sun burned skin*
Maxwell: *finished with her back, he gently blows over her skin, trying to lessen the heat from the sun*
Caitlyn: *shivers again* *reaches for her pack* *looks for something fitting to wear* *pulls out a long cotton gown* *slips it on*
Maxwell: *feels a little itchy himself now*
Caitlyn: Thank you Max *softly*
Maxwell: glad to be of service *smiles* *looking into his own bag* *produces a shirt and some trousers*
Caitlyn: what made you want to come to Sidonia's school? *sits back down waiting to hear his story*
Maxwell: I owed some money to someone who isnít picky in his methods to get it back and thought the school is a good place to hide until I have it
Caitlyn: *blinks in surprise* ohh
Maxwell: *shrugs* I think you might have expected a more heroic reason huh?
Caitlyn: *blushes* i... ummm... I don't know.
Maxwell: *laughs* sure you know *smiles at her*
Caitlyn: *softly* I came to get away from my family *blushes*
Maxwell: itís okay, we are who we are
Caitlyn: Nothing very noble there
Maxwell: Iím fine with a good, non heroic life
Caitlyn: *smiles softly* Me too
Maxwell: *smirks* and there I met you and that proves that owning money to someone isnít as bad as it seems
Caitlyn: *looks at him quizzically* Why were you in the dungeons that day? *smiles as what he said sinks in*
Maxwell: why is it important?
Caitlyn: *blushes and looks down* ohh... that's okay... I was just curious... how you found us
Maxwell: hmmm, alright it was simple luck. some bullies were after me, and I took the best next door I could find. while I could have handled them, I might be a rogue, but no murderer so, I ran away again, pretty much unheroic
Caitlyn: *tenderly* How did you become sick and injured *remembering how badly he looked when she first saw him*
Maxwell: well, it turned out to have been a somewhat troublesome door *smirks*
Caitlyn: *slips her hand in his*
Maxwell: that dungeon is even worse than a few pits I have seen... *holds her hand in his* so, I did my best to just survive the trip
Caitlyn: I am glad you found us
Maxwell: me too *smiles at her*
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