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Server Owner and Designer
Server Owner and Designer

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 3:54 pm    Post subject: LAG Reply with quote

There are several causes for LAG:

1) Player is connecting with a mim or sub-mim computer configuration.

2) Player has some non standard connection or their connection resources are being depleated (by multi use including --virus -- spyware -- file shareing -- and communication programs such a MSN. Yes MSN can cause lag, it robs you of computer resources and Internet connection resources. There are machines and connections that can minimize that problem -- best to just turn it off.

3) Overrides -- yes OVERRIDES. These can really mess with the server and cause such damage that it cannot recover for hours or never recover. They can also cause crashes. We know when people are on with them -- you can tell from the type of lag and the effects on the server. A connection problem will not leave the server reeling with drunken excessive ping when a player leaves. Overrides or the next problem can and will damage the server for hours.

4) Messed up NWN instilation. This can happen from overrides even if you remove them. It can happen from some nasty haks in some modules from the vault. It can happen from installing the PRC -- or rather it WILL happen from installing the PRC.

5) Use of some cheat program -- including trainers, and use of hidden colors.

6) On occasion Game Spy has issues. This is easily identified with the ping on all servers fluxuating and not just Annakolia having bad ping rate.

7) Some firewalls either cannot be run at the same time or must be reconfigured.

Cool Spyware and Viruses can be a big cause of lag -- Make sure you are clean.

Some of us have spent almost full time tracking down people who are laging the server. It is discouraging to come on and find the server unplayable. Charissa and I run the server for our enjoyment. If it is a pain -- the server is in trouble.

This morning I tested the server with Will Tanner -- fighting some 30 rune spiders all tossing out area effect spells and such -- adding to that some 25 or 30 Dracos fighting at the same time so that on screen there were close to 60 monsters and many many area effect spells. There was no lag -- no stop motion, no wait, no pause. There was no spell lag.

This was a server test -- The lag is caused by players with the above KNOWN issues. Please fix them or do not play on Annakolia CEP. I will be banning anyone who does not work with us and if a solution is not reached, and the person does not willingly leave, a ban will be placed.

The server must be a safe and enjoyable place to play. Lag destroys that.

If you are using a Mac Bioware says:

3.07: I've seen people say on the forum that if I install the PC expansions, I should also install the patches for the Linux version; the install instructions for that version say I should delete everything in my "override" folder. Is that correct?

No! The Mac version of NWN depends on certain files in the "override" folder not included in other versions, so those instructions do not apply. As well, if you have added files not included in the original Mac install or updates from BioWare, the game may not run as expected.

As of NWN version 1.64, your override folder should include, and only include, the following three files:

* load_legal.tga
* load_legal2.tga
* soundprovider.2da

In addition, if you have not installed either of the expansions, you need this file (making a total of four):

* iit_medkit_001.tga

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