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Minos' memoirs, random memories

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:01 am    Post subject: Minos' memoirs, random memories Reply with quote

Acrobatic human that caught Minos's eye before school even started. He once scouted ahead, she came along and trolls ambushed them. Sally fell, Minos grieved long and hard, promising to never lead her into danger ever again. Apologizing the whole time, after she was raised. Sally left early in the first semester. Hmm, not really sure why, maybe it was her dying and all.

Playful Gnome, once pulled on some weeds before school started, by the well in the Shire. He blinded himself for a short time. He introduced Gwen and Minos to cherry wine. Reanna watched, not willing to join in the dulling of ones mind. Barrin was a good cook and made everyones favorite meal once. He left us to rejoin his family around the middle of the first semester. Thinks Minos is single and fancy free?

Allergic to cats, and dust. He is always sneezing, like so "Gsnit". Traveled to the swamps of Arkham with us, helped very much with deciphering the scrolls scattered around the teleporter. Willoughby returned to his studies in the library, once we returned to the castle after our long absence.

Sky Orc, he is a little familiar with the star ships, spelljammers. Thane catches up with us as he can, we know not where he goes, only that he finds us and travels short times with us. He helped greatly with the dragon kind and dragons that attacked us on the spelljammer. He was comfortable with the goings on of the planets and such.

A fiery haired Purist of the Flame. She once forced a flower onto Reanna, making Minos mad because Reanna had just turned down his offer of flowers. She has toyed with Minos's affections, once flirting with Saul to get Minos jealous. Minos really likes her, but has not committed to this hot chick. She once laid down face first in the swamp by Arkham, digging out bits of scroll from a hole in the earth. She was very dirty when she came up with the last piece.

Gwen's cute little calico cat. She started as a kitten, learning how to scrap from Gilior and uses magic as a cleric. She is also a winter witch. Patches played rough with a noble lady in Arkham, causing her to run off and leave behind her Nymph Cloak.

A fey of the cat persuasion. Early in the school year, Minos could not stop staring at Reanna's necklace, or something close to it. Reanna removed her skirt in the Dancing Cat when we stopped on the way back from picking up the near sighted dwarf student, Bombur. She hid her legs and tail beneath a skirt for much of the first semester. We danced at the dancing cat, Minos in his boots and Reanna on her paws. That night the 'cat' danced in the Dancing Cat. Mother like, wise and very nature savvy. A druid, wind sniper. devastating arrow attacks, one a round. Speaks with a rolling RR. Reanna seems to not mind Minos playing with her tail. She also spoke of how well Fey kiss, not sure if this was directed at Gwen or Minos. She led the attack on the Illithyd ship, with Saul and Ribbly in tow.

Gnome inventor, often blows stuff up. When we found a boat that sailed without sails, he immediately went to the bowels of the ship and began tinkering with the engine, eventually blowing it up. That forced us to leave the boat in a hurry once we reached Arkham. After much talking of building stuff, he has managed to create a fire propulsion unit. He tested it in Arkham, launching himself off the pier and landing on top of the city gate, 5 blocks away. As we located his landing spot, he found himself being propositioned by a butcher that also happened to be a dentist. We rescued Ribbly before any teeth were worked on. In the swamp he managed to activate the teleporter by kicking it, taking us to a larger swamp on a distant planet. Thanks Ribbly. Ribbly wanted to take the Blinkeys apart, Gwen was having no part of that, so Ribbly just observed, watching, hoping they would reproduce. He spent much time observing them. Ribbly boarded the Illithyd ship, destroying it's controls once aboard, causing a huge explosion.

Black Panther, took Patches under his wing as a kitten, reluctantly. Gilior joined us at Laketown. He often used the trees to scout ahead. Minos laid out his shield with water in it at the Dancing Cat for Gilior to drink from. He fought the tigers on the second planet we visited.

Saul Knightingale
Joined us later in the campaign, taking over for a previous elf of the same name, an impostor. the first was more ranger rogue, whereas this one is a fighter. He joined us on the way back out of the Mirkwood forest. He sought an impostor using his name, rightfully so, the impostor was with us much of the journey out to retrieve Bombur, the nearly blind dwarf student. In the swamps of the distant planet, fox people attacked and were able to paralyze Saul. To this day, he holds a grudge against the fox people, even though a friendly female, Leetah, was the one to lead us out of the swamps. While still in the swamps, Gwen flirted with Saul to make Minos jealous. Saul boarded the Illithyd ship with Reanna and Ribbly.

Minos Glend
Left a note with directions on how to get from Fingar to the Mirkwood forest. William lived in a tree house with a humongous wolf, William was a werewolf. Minos did not care for the forest his first trip through them, when school started and they went to pick up the near sighted, dwarf student, Bombur, in Laketown. Minos first reaction to Reanna's legs was very obviously shocking. Embarrassingly so for Reanna. Minos suddenly realized what his reaction had done, he slowly accepted her as a fey, and a friend. He danced with her to show his support and interest in keeping her close. In the dancing cat, Minos gave water for the cats by using his shield to drink from. Upon successfully escorting Bombur to the castle, Lady Sidonia presents him with a master lute, one that regenerates wounds for all around him. He responds by listening to her orders to sleep well that night, as they were about to begin a long journey, others did not go to bed so early. On the way to Arkham he got into an argument with Ribbly over breaking the engine in the boat. On the way to the swamps they were attacked by Migo with Lightning Guns. Afterwards helping lead them to the swamp by Arkham, he is then put on to decipher bits and pieces of scrolls from ancient times, he does this with Willoughby's help. This is around when Minos started playing with Reanna's tail. At this time, Ribbly activates the teleporter, taking us all out of the swamp and into a bigger swamp, on another planet. We found bird people first in the swamp, Reanna was instrumental in communicating with them. With Reanna's help we got cherry wine and a hot bath in a big tub. Minos was able to watch as Gwen and Reanna bathed. Then Ribbly got married to a bird lady of the Kenku, Ka'alee, who chased us all over the swamp. After being attacked by the fox people, who were able to paralyze their opponents, Gwen and Minos took some time to drink some cherry wine. We eventually found a fox lady, Leetah, to help us escape the swamp, getting us to the mountain foothills. Minos rubbed noses with her, and gifted his shield to her. In a swamp without metal, it was a great prize. Outside the mountains, a desert trading town stood behind tall sand colored walls. Strangely, ships seemed to float above the city. Minos was able to dance with the Blinkeys, making them more friendly. After boarding a flying boat, we traveled to another planet, along the way we were attacked by dragons, dragon kind and Illithyds. During a pause in the battles, Gwen and Minos sat and talked. Minos managed to get three kisses from Gwen that sitting. Only to hear a commotion and see Reanna attaching a rope to an Illithyd sky ship, and lead Saul and Ribbly over to it. A very sad sight to poor Minos.
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