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The mage council history

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 5:10 pm    Post subject: The mage council history Reply with quote

The Mage Council

History: in the year 869 Tharbad was founded, 503 years have passed since Tharbad was first founded. The Mage Council was there since the beginning; you could say they are the founders of the city, thus making them one of the most powerful organizations in Tharbad. The sorcerers and wizards since the beginning separated half the city to each other the Sorcerer Council took the eastern side of the city while the wizards took the western -- they both would meet in the center of the city on the island between the two sides of the city to settle their disputes and vote on leaders and positions in each council. They have a required consensus vote on anyting in the Grand Council requiring 100% agreement to pass a law or measure. The Grand Council has never built the Wizard Library due to the Sorcerers lack of need for it. The library issue has been brought to vote every year for the last three hundred years. Because of the council the city has never been attacked, it would be insane to do so with the skilled magicians guarding the city and protecting it from harm. But there are disputes from inside the city itself and the nobles arenít all happy with the council, because of this the mages hired warriors of skill and dubbed them the Mage Guards and soon afterward made the decision they needed people of skill in information gathering and stealth, thus the T.I.A. was formed T.I.A. stands for Tharbad Intelligence Agency. Former thieves pranksters and the like mostly trained in the art of the shadows make up the bulk of the T.I.A. operatives. To become one of the Grand Council members one must compete and be voted in and agreed on by their respective side. Some council votes count more then others, the higher the seat the more your vote will count. The council is made up of all humans, although there is no rule to the forbidding other races to serve, there is an unwritten law that only humans will be elected. There are no records of any other race serving on the council proper. Mages of other races have served in supportive roles for the council, subservient roles. Historically the Council has been haughty towards non-human races. From time to time more pluralistic, enlightened, forward-thinking mages have served on the council, but they are in the minority.

Positions: There are eight council members in the Sorcerer council, and eight in the Wizard Council. Half of the Wizard council and half of the Sorcerer council, four from each equaling a total of eight make up the Grand Council. There is also a leader from each, one Sorcerer and one Wizard, who are Grand Council leaders bringing the total count in the Grand Council to ten divided five sorcerers and five wizards. There are three councils, one Sorcerer, one Wizard and one combined, Grand Council. The Sorcerers rule one side of Tharbad, while Wizards rule the other side and the Grand Council meets in the middle on the Bridge and tries to come to agreement on joint issues.

The Guards on each side, East and West are hired by their respective Wizard or Sorcerer Council and paid by that council. There is a Sorcerer side Captain of the Guard as well as a Wizard side Captain of the Guard. The Guards on the bridge, the Grand Council grounds, are split with half Sorcerer aligned guards and half Wizard aligned guards.
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