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Use of Languages and learning languages

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 12:01 am    Post subject: Use of Languages and learning languages Reply with quote

For those characters who CAN speak Common -- almost all but a rare few -- a taste of Elven or whatever may add flavor but keeping to Common is best for all.

Characters who do not know Common, should RP learning it and learn it quickly. I have started talking to myself in halfling while groups of elves chat away in Elven. It is rude and exclusive to talk in a language others cannnot understand except for the purpose of cloaking the content from certain persons IC. This is especially true for any campaign or game session. Who wants to stand about and watch ununderstandable gibberish going on and on and on, being left out.

As a DM I have provided information through animals to rangers and druids -- It is expected this information should be translated and give out to all non animal speaking members of a party right away. It is not good RP to have all the creatures of the forest walk up and talk Common. It is not right for players to withhold and not translate information immediately.

In the Sidonia's game the ghost spoke Elven at first to establish he was an elf. Once established, all communication is now in common from that ghost.

I have used Halfling to speak to another halfling in certain situations where there are persons I do not want understanding my remark. This is good RP, however if all the conversation shifted to halfling, then it becomes a problem. People should watch that over use of a language widget.

The language widgets are great RP tools -- but they can be abused just like anything. Speaking with a group of elves and all chatting away with widgets in elven while someone who cannot understand is there is not RP, it is just rude.

I have not decided how to handle language acquiring, but here is how I did it in PnP and it is still looking good to me.
It you would like to give me feedback on this, please send me a PM.

From the AD&D, Version 1.0 Players HB and the DMG -- subject, extra languages

Known languages:
1) Common
2) Alignment (no widget and never spoken when alignment is revealed one of a differing alignment
3) Thieves Cant (rogues only)
4) Druidic (Druids only)
5) Draconic (Bards and Sorcerers only)
6) Racial languages

Languages that can be learned:
Racial languages such as Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Orcish, etc.

Languages that cannot be learned:
Thieves cant, Draconic, druidic, or other special languages.

Learning a language:
1) Look at Intelligence as rolled at creation (no later adjustment may be considered) -- Example: lvl 14 intelegence at creation allows for possibility of four extra languages to be acquired. The amount is them rolled on a D4, so 1 to 4 languages might be possible for you with a native 14 Intelligence at creation of the character.
2) One must spend a year with the teacher doing nothing else but studying the language. On Annakolia, that would mean the character would stop playing for about 75 days real time. Then a learning roll would be made -- I use a d20 and you must roll under the character's base Intelligence stat to learn, so, a 14 intelligence needs a 13 or less to be successful.
3) If there is failure another month of game time is added and another roll for learning made at the end of that month.

Languages should be limited. If everyone knows and has languages, what is the point of having them. Buying languages with RP gems is still enforced but these measures need to be considered and followed to increase a language -- in this way languages can be kept undercontrol for good RP and the purpose of having language widgets not destroyed by people suddenly all speaking elven, or whatever.
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