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One Day in Bree.

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Bud E

Joined: 11 Dec 2005
Posts: 696

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 1:33 pm    Post subject: One Day in Bree. Reply with quote

A dark haired elf comes into Bree. He has a worn shattered look about him. His pack is overflowing with long hollow tubes. He walks into the tavern and seats himself at the bar. The bartender approaches, eyeing him warily.

“Want a room?” The bartender asks.

The dark haired elf replies, “No. I’m not in town for long, I just need to stock up on arrows and a nice glass of wine,”

The bartender returns with a glass. “Here ya go. What’s in the tubes?”

The elf takes a sip of wine. “That my good man is much of the last few months of work. I have been mapping the region.”

The Bar tender snickers. “Why would you do that? Is there money in it?”

The elf shakes his head. “Not that I know of… I’m looking for a woman”

The Bartender laughs while reaching for the money. “Aren’t we all?”

Before he can pocket the money his wrist is caught in a grip that feels it could crush bone. The elf glares back. “I am looking for a single special one of a kind sort of woman.”

Feeling the tension the bartender pats the back of the hand griping his wrist and smiles softly. “Aren’t we all?”

The grip eases and the bartender moves on to some more regular customers while rubbing his wrist.

The elf takes another sip, and starts to read his paper. The bar can hear as he gasps. “By the Gods!” there is an uneasy silence. “Barkeep. I’ll take that room. I will be staying in the area for a while. It seems I have an meeting at Lady Sidonia's Castle in a few days and I need to prepare.”

The Barkeep hands him a key. “Who you meeting?”

The elf flashes a smile back. “A single special one of a kind sort of woman.”

To be continued…
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Bud E

Joined: 11 Dec 2005
Posts: 696

PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 12:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The elf grabs his key his wine and yells back to the barkeep. “Have somebody bring up my pack and I will need a messenger in a couple of hours to travel to Lady Sidonia's Castle”

As he climbs the stairs he wonders if maybe he has gone a little overboard. He realizes it has happened before, but he reassures himself this time is different. He is not sure how he feels about her, the meeting was so brief, was there a spark both ways? Is he a complete idiot for spending so much of his time wandering the wilds looking for her? Should he be concerned he is talking to himself? He owes it to himself to find out how he really feels and her true feelings. He has questions that if gone unanswered might haunt him for the rest of his long elfin years. That surely wouldn’t do.

In the room he removes his armor while trying to gather and settle his thoughts. Not an easy task. He has spent these past months traveling the animal tracks and roads looking for any sign of her now as his quest comes near an end he isn’t quite sure what to say or how to say it. He thinks he could really look just a bit unhinged if he did this incorrectly.

After getting cleaned up he gathers his writing gear at the desk and tries to compose a letter that would intrigue but not put off. After several attempts this is what he settled on:

My Lady:

I have not been able to keep you out of my mind since those days we spent in Barrydale. I have often wondered if I had made such an impact on you. When you told me you were thinking of relocating to somewhere “safe” I did not believe you would remove yourself off the face of this earth. Since our time together I have taken on the task of finding your secret location. I must admit it is still safe for I have not been able to gleam its location though I have spent many months of searching. It is my understanding you will be at Lady Sidonia's Castle for some time. I also understand you did not make this trip for me but yourself. If it would please you I seek a small amount of your time to discuss some things that may or may not be between us. I will call for you near the end of your scheduled appointments. Thank you and take care.


After he finishes and rereads the letter he chuckles softly to himself. “You can tell I’m no bard.” He seals the letter with some wax and his ring. On the front he addresses it to the lady in question.

Once the messenger arrives he gives him very specific directions “Give it directly to Lady Sidonia's herself”. I’m sure she will make sure she gets it… he thinks. “And report back to me that it has been delivered when it is done.”

“I wonder what the ‘The Golden Stag’ could possibly be about?” mumbling to himself.

Slapping himself on his thigh. “I must rest and get cleaned up. I don’t want to look like a beggar.”
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Bud E

Joined: 11 Dec 2005
Posts: 696

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 11:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As the messenger turns to leave Tsu addresses him. “Be careful in the forest there be monsters there.”

The messenger spouts back, “Sir I might have been born at night but it wasn’t last night”

Tsu smiles at the spunkiness of the messenger and thinks, Now all I can do is wait.

The messenger just grumbles under his breath at the elf.

The trip from Bree was uneventful through the low land farms and the north forest, things were going too well. In the center of the forest the messenger felt watched. He hated this part of the trip. Maybe he should have waited for a group, but the elf was paying for speed. The messenger had though about “losing” the message and heading to the Cat for a drink, or two, but his word was his bond plus a messenger who “loses” messages is soon out of business. The messenger thought, Why is it always so dark in this place.

He hears movement in the brush. “Crap", he whispers, “maybe this short cut wasn’t a good idea. Should have stuck to the road.” The Cat was sounding better by the moment, but the thought of gold in the end was winning out. Money is an outstanding motivator.

The messenger sneaks up to the bushes and peers through. Expecting the worst… it looks like three… adventures cleaning up after killing some Goblins. “I nearly soiled my britches”, snickers the messenger to himself. He almost hails the adventures but thinks better of it, they took out the Goblins easy enough they might not be all that friendly to him better to skirt them.

He backs out of the brush and back onto his animal path, moving as silently as possible. “Only about a mile to the guards” he mumbles.” Should be getting safer soon… There is the sign I’m safe.”

Up the hill to Lady Sidonia’s, talk his way past the guards then home and payday. The messenger grins at the thought.

After some fast-talking he finally gets in to see Sidonia. He bows deeply, thinking it never hurts to be cordial. “My lady I have been asked to deliver this message to you for somebody coming her soon. I know this is out of the ordinary but would you please except it?"

Lady Sidonia glances at the groveling messenger, “You would like me to pass on a message? Who is it for?”

The messenger looks at the envelope, “I’m sorry I can’t pronounce it.”

The lady steps forward, “Let me see.” She looks and smiles knowingly, “ah yes I know Phaerdre, I am expecting her presently. You may report that the message shall be delivered.”
The messenger bows out of the room. Time for Payday.

To be continued?
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