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Snoopy, the Brave World War I fighter pilot in his leather flight jacket. Cool, huh?
Hereís the WWW I Flying Ace dreaming of a dog Ė oops -- ferret fight in the skies. That Ďol Red Baron doesnít have a chance against me.
I live for adventure. Sometimes it gets me into trouble though. A long time ago some kind folks found me wandering in a Detroit Park. Candy took me into her ferret shelter, CozyZone. Wow, I made lots of ferret friends there. Whatís more, I got regular meals and lots of love. Then one day, I came to live with my new humans, Barry and Charissa. I miss my pals at CozyZone, but every now and then I visit Candy at ferret shows. What I love about Barry is his hairy face. I clean his face and ears all the time. What I love about Charissa is that she war dances with me. I chase her all over the house. Now, Belle and Arwin are another matter. Those gals are real pretty, but they just donít understand that a guy like me needs to be the boss. I have a rule around here. Donít get caught in a ferret tunnel with Belle or Arwin.
Hereís a link to CozyZoneís website. Some of my CozyZone pals would like homes, too. Be sure to say hi to Candy.

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