Arwin's Silver Palace
Snoopy's Place
Hi! My name is Belle. I came from Marshall Farms. My humans lived in California until 1997, so they never enjoyed ferrets before I came to live with them. At the Great Lakes Ferret Association Show in June 1999, I took Best Kit in the championship. You know, all that fuss, just made me want to burrow in my mom's arms, but my humans had fun.

When I'm home I love to clean house. I can't stand to see a tissue or paper towel in someone's hand, so I snatch them and put them in them in their proper places -- beside the sofa, under dressers, or behind the TV.

I love my mom and dad. Everytime they call my name, I come to them, no matter where I am in the house. Of course, they always give me a treat of Ferrevite when I show-up.

When I was a few months old, Mom and Dad brought home Snoopy. He's an old guy, and boy did I have to put him in his place. It took six months before he got the message that I DO NOT want him to drag me around by the neck. Now, I hold my own against him. He chases me around, but I'm always faster. He doesn't dare chase me into the ferret tubes.

In the Spring, I adopted a beautiful silver baby girl, Arwin. She was so tiny when she came to live with us, but now she's bigger than me. Our bedroom is in the kitchen, so we watch all that's going on. My humans play music, all the time. I love to listen to Mom play her flutes.

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