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Co-founder of the Jubilatores, Charissa learned the basics of flute in instrumental music programs throughout her public school years. Her love of music lead to hours of individual study and practice. As an adult, Charissa expanded her knowledge of woodwinds, including double reeds and reed-capped woodwinds, fipple and endblown flutes. Prior to the Jubilatores, Charissa performed with several Renaissance recorder ensembles in San Diego California.

A graduate of California State University, Dominguez Hills, Charissa studied non-Western flute performance with Lewis Peterman, of SDSU. In addition to medieval music performance practices, Charissa has researched sources for medieval music.

Charissa is a pediatric intensive care nurse at the University of Michigan Hospitals.

In addition to vocals, Charissa performs on transverse, endblown, fipple flutes & recorders, gems horn, shawm, dulzena, crumnhorn, and assorted percussion. Charissa enjoys researching early music. She designs and produces period costumes.

Charissa manages the Jubilatores performance calendar. You may contact her via email at music@jubilatores.com.

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