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The Jubilatores Present:

Great Moments in the Middle Ages
Recording # 005
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Other Recordings
01 Del sieu tort farai esmenda
Peirol (c. 1160 - 1225)

02 Del sieu tort farai esmenda drum solo

03 Mit Ganzin Willen
An Early 15th century German song.

04 Robin and Marion
From Le Gieus de Robin et Marion (The Play of Robin and Marion) by Adam de la Halle (c. 1230 - 1286).
The plot is based upon the folk plays during seasonal festivals in France and England. In this scene, Marion has just met Robin and asks whether he can do a series of named dance steps. Each time he replies that he can.

05 Schiarzula
Italian dance

06 Lamento di Tristano (The Lamento of
Tristram and La Rotta)
(The Rout) Italian c. 1300.

07 Ich was ein chint so wolgetan CB 185
Carmina Burana (Carmina Veris et Amoris)

08 M'saddad
This 13th century piece comes from Moorish
held Spain.

09 My Lady carry's Dompe
16th Century

10 Madre de Deus ora por nos
#12 of Las Fiestas de Santa Maria

11 Non sofre santa Maria
#159 from Las Cantigas de Santa Maria
(c 1260) Alfonso X

12 Virgen Madre gloriosa
Des oge mais quer eu trobar &
#2 from das festas de loor de Santa Maria &
#1 from Las Cantigas

13 Como poden per sas culpas
#166 from Las Cantigas.

14 Bache Bene vines CB 200
Carmina Burana

The Jubilatores

Barry Ebersole: oud, medieval fyddle, guitarra latina, and percussion.

Charissa Ebersole: mezzo-soprano, transverse flute, recorder, dulzina, shawm, harp.

Shoshannah Ebersole, soprano, medieval fyddle, bowed psaltry, and percussion.

David Nelson, baritone/countertenor; lute, bowed psaltry, harp, plucked psaltry, percussion.

Kelsey Arnold, woodwinds.

Robert Brett, percussion and strings.

Teresa Brett, performs on keyboard and psaltry.

Michael B. Vercelli, percussionist.

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