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Dr. Barry Ebersole
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Barry Ebersole received his Ph.D. in  medieval music performance and medieval organology.

Director and co-founder of the Jubilatores, studied flamenco guitar with Jesus Sebeccas and William Stanly (Paco), former professor of guitar at San Diego State University (SDSU). A graduate of SDSU, Barry studied early music under Lewis Peterman and Curtis Bourtese at SDSU. He studied violin and the Suzuki method of pedogogy with Theodore Brunson, also of SDSU. Prior to the Jubilatores, Barry performed with Alfonso X and the SDSU Collegium Musicum.

Barry has performed in theater productions, done cinematograpy and animation, teaching, software design, and computer training for the University of Toledo.

Dr. Ebersole researched medieval instrument construction. His research finds expression in his fine instrument reproductions, including a stair-step psaltry, multiple guitarra latinas, fyddles, and harps. His latest works are two portative organs. Many of the instruments the Jubilatores play were constructed by Barry. His instruments are in the collections of universities and private collectors.

Dr. Ebersole is a Medieval Instrument Builder specializing in string instruments of the Middle Ages. His instruments are of exceptional quality and are desired all over the world. Instruments will be shown on the instruments link as the site is expanded.

Barry is also an exceptional Medieval Costume designer.

Performes on:
Fyddle, guitarra latina, lute, long necked lutes (saz & tar), symphonium (hurdy gurdy), reed pipe, psaltry, hammered dulcimer, trombra marina, dumbec, jaw harp, portitave organ, & other assorted instruments.
Graduate studies in Early Music @ San Diego State Univeristy with Dr. Lewis Peterman & Dr. Curtis Bouterse.

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